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ASC-2400 Drone Reviews: Specs, Pros, Cons, and Ultimate Details


  • HD Camera 720p
  • Cheap Price drone Around 50$
  • It is fun when you see on the sky


  • After the first flight (the battery may be down)
  • Crash of landing (when battery goes low)
  • The battery is the main problem of any drone
  • After Every 15 minutes (Rechargeable)

Our Rating: 3.2/ 5

It has more cons, however, it is good for beginners and fun for playground.


  • Brand: Generic
  • Manufactures: Costco
  • weight- 2.01 pound
  • Color: Grey
  • Video: HD 720p Resolution
  • Media Type: SD
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
  • Are Batteries have: No ( Need to buy from another third party)
  • Video Output Resolution: 1280×720 Pixels
  • Product Dimensions: 12.5″L x 9″W x 3″H


  • Records HD Video Directly to Your Mobile Device Ergonomic Folding Frame for Easy Portability
  • One Button Auto Start
  • Auto Land High-Efficiency Li-Poly Battery Extends Flight Time
  • Recommended Ages: 14+ Years
  • Compact Mobility
  • Simple Start
  • Auto Land
  • Stable Flight Automatically Locks Altitude for Flight Stability

Ultimate Details – ASC-2400 Drone

Capturing an HD quality video from space Drone Technology is a supper idea. In the markets, tons of drones are available at a cheap price. The Ascend Aeronautics ASC-2400 has new technology at a low price, which is best for beginners for learning how to use, taking a video and other extra things. Video footage is premium quality but the battery hangs when your drone is laydown automatically.

The drone even has an auto-launch / land feature and up to 15-minute runtime from a rechargeable battery pack.


It has HD 720 resolution, which is not enough for recording high quality video with drone, it is simple and just for learning how to make video. The camera with resoultion of 1080 p and 4k HD (2160p) wide angles FPV are best for capturing pictures from high altitude. I would recommend this drone for beginners only for learning in a low budget.


Commonly, brands and sellers without batteries sell a drone, but some seller sells with batterie also. But for this ASC-2400 Drone, you will not get a battery with the purchase. You need to buy a battery from other third-party seller. I recommend you for shopping a high-quality battery that is made by Lipo and Li-ion, which is advanced quality battery for any drone.

Remote Controller

The remote controller has two adopted energetic designs with a hall effect control stick, you may not break down. The Asc-2400 Drone remote controller is brown in color, feels very smooth when you touch it, and is easy to control. It is smaller, lighter, and more portable than other brands. It is not compatible with other brands, so, it works only with these ASC-2400 modules.


2000 series app is most commonly used for drones. Especially, for this ASC-2400 Drone, “St_BLE Drone app” is best.

Video Records

If you purchase any battery either of high quality or low quality, it flies for only 15-20 minutes in the sky. Together, the camera has only 720 p, so it cannot record high quality video from high altitude. And, it records only short videos from this drone.

How to record a Video with a drone?

You just have to turn on the stick, connect the blueetooth of the drone, turn on the button of recording, fly it on the location which you want, take the video footages and posts them to the social media platforms.

Where can you take video footages with drones?

A drone can take video footage of any events, indoor, outdoor parties and festival’s important clips, and short videos or long. This depends on your drone’s battery and how much time you expend fly in the sky. If you are taking video footages of natural places, taking for game purposes and other types of recording you can, but for short time.

Flying and Broke

Very fun for 15-20 minutes, and you feel amazing in your investment, worth all your investing money! but the battery is more consuming so, you get fast broke; see from the Video:

Purchaed user says about it

  • Drone working for just 1 week! The drone Broke from flying after 5 days, it produces more sound and had to be down every day not to tolerate the high wind.
  • A drone is especially very funny when the drone flies from my ear side. If you’re really looking for recording a High-Altitude video for a long time, you might love buying another drone, i.e. “Hole Stone 2k GPS, FPV RC” which has a long control range of 18 minutes.
  • It gives too much light, so it consumes more battery, even hard to control when light is reflected but in a night evening hour, video recording is enjoyable.
  • Sometimes, the Drone app and mobile device are terrible when connecting each other.
  • One man says ” It work but sometimes you might get enough difficulty to control, the slightest breeze, forget about the wind.
  • Smoking after the first experiment, we get broke automatically.

Our expertise to say ” The ASC-2400 Drone is not bad, especially it depends on what battery to use in it, The Battery life is main.

QNA’s on – ASC-2400 Drone

how can I get extra drone batteries for this drone?

Specially drone company does not sell the battery so you may purchase from the third-party seller of batteries like Mavic Mini, DJI VPF, Swell Pro, Potensic Dreamer 4k, Autel Evo 2 Pro, and DJI Mini 2.

What app to support ASC-2400 Drone

The app is different according to which company’s drone, for the ASC-2400 drone app, are St_BLE_Drone app is designed for brands, and it supports both iOS and Androids phone. You can also from Bluetooth and a Remote control to connect easily.

How do I connect my ascend Aeronautics drone to my controller?

Install the apps on your phone, This is “The St_BLE Drone app, after that tap enter device, connect the remote control link on apps, and Press and hold the button on the function app, When you see the green light, it means to complete your connection.

How Can you purchase a battery that goes to accurate for ib Battery?

In a drone, powerful batteries made of LiPo( Lithium Polymer) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) are more popular but for the ASC-2400 drone best batteries is OEM Batteries 3Pc , you can shop from any marketplace on eBay, Amazon, and online.

How Do I charge My ASC 2400 Drone?

Simple, it is the same as another device you charge from the AC port, Connect the USB port, and when show led-right, it means charge connect, in 2-3 hour get a full charge, and after that remove the connect.

What is the Flight time on a single charge?

Before flying, A drone continues a 2 to 3-hour charge after flying for just 20-30 minutes of distance 2.5 to 4.5 miles with one single charge.