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Former NASA Worker Just Made A Terrifying Announcement

Former NASA Worker Just Made A Terrifying Announcement

Humans have long speculated about the kinds of creatures or people who may inhabit earth’s moon.

The publication of galileo’s telescopic observations of the moon had a significant impact on our understanding of life on other worlds.

The assumption that the moon was a tangible place, a world like earth, implied that it could be inhabited by species similar to us.

In this line, english bishop john wilkins suggested in the discovery of a world in the moone that “it is probable there may be inhabitants in this other world.

“However, a former nasa official recently revealed something quite strange about the moon.

What has this nasa official said, and is it possible that nasa is keeping something from the public?

Stay with us to the end to know more about this shocking revelation!

Seti researchers have long speculated that dormant alien probes may have been deployed to our solar system to serve as silent sentinels before our own technology detects their presence.

Seti researchers have even proposed sending radio beacons to the earth-sun gravitational lagrange points in the goal of “awakening” such hidden aliens.

That is, assuming they exist.

Before the advent of digital photon counters on telescopes, there were two relatively brief searches within the earth-sun and earth-moon lagrange points in the last 40 years, using comparatively small aperture optical telescopes at kitt peak in arizona and leuschner observatory in california.

Neither detected any such non-human artificial objects.

But what if we’re seeking in the wrong place altogether?

Is there something happening on the moon?

When you think of the moon, many things come to mind, but weird relics are probably not among them.

Scientists, researchers, and space organizations have shown that our moon is interesting since it is not only earth’s only natural satellite, but data has proven that artefacts by previous civilizations may have been left on the moon.

This is according to modern artificial intelligence research.

We’ve scanned the moon numerous times, and it seems like nasa and other space agencies discover new stuff every year.

Others have claimed that the moon is filled of mystery artefacts, some of which can be spotted when searching through old nasa pictures.

What’s fascinating about these claims is that some of them are even supported by retired nasa employees and astronauts, who claim that some of the older apollo photographs show what appear to be massive structures on the moon’s surface.

In some situations, nasa even instructed them to remove these to avoid causing panic.

Bold assertions demand substantial evidence, but people like dr.

Ken johnston, who previously worked for nasa, said they’ve seen photographs with inexplicable anomalies that can’t be explained by explanations like camera aberrations.

Johnston was born on october 2, 1942, in corpus christi, texas, and attended oklahoma city university.

In august 1962, he enlisted in the united states marine corps and went to pensacola, florida, as a marine cadet for flight training in september 1964.

He was discharged from the marine corps in august 1966.

Grumman aircraft, the primary contractor for the apollo lunar module, employed johnston as a trained avionics technician to assist with cockpit and instrument development and training in houston.

He identified himself as a “civilian astronaut consultant pilot” at the time.

During the apollo program, he worked for brown & root, nasa’s prime contractor, managing the lunar receiving laboratory, where all moon rocks were held, curated, catalogued, and, in certain cases, transferred to scientists who had successfully applied to do analysis in their own labs.

Johnston’s job included packaging and shipping lunar samples to science labs, along with pictures showing their exact location and orientation.

As a result, he kept many sets of images taken by apollo astronauts with their chest-mounted hasselblad cameras in his office.

When the moonrock distribution ended, his supervisor, bud laskawa, told him to destroy the remaining photo archive, but he retained one set as a personal collection.

However, while working at nasa, he describes nasa image technicians covering over odd abnormalities, noting that some of these were mysterious flying objects photographed during the apollo missions.

He claimed to have experienced these anomalies firsthand and that not only unidentified objects were being edited, but that other weird anomalies caught on the moon were also being removed.

Other nasa employees have backed up these accusations.

The space agency is reported to actively alter its photographs to ensure that none of these mysterious flying objects are visible, and that the dark side of the moon hides numerous interesting abnormalities.

One photograph that has piqued the interest of many who have studied moon photographs is one that purportedly depicts two gigantic pyramid-like structures, with amateur researchers claiming that they are both larger than the great pyramid of giza.

People who have seen the photographs have stated that it appears that there are two pyramids adjacent to one other and that there may be other anomalies in the photograph as well.

Researchers who spent countless hours studying these types of images have said that many of them show strange things, and nasa researchers have admitted that they haven’t seen some of these images because space agencies take millions of photographs and don’t have enough employees to sit there and look through every image.

This is why, according to amateur researchers, some of these mysterious structures can be seen on the moon because nasa hasn’t altered them yet.

In the majority of these cases, it does in fact look like that there are strange objects on the moon.

Other hypotheses have circulated, with some claiming that this is one of the reasons we haven’t returned to the moon, while others claim that covert moon missions have been dispatched to certain locations on the moon for the sole purpose of exploring these unusual structures.

When you read up on this, officials have stated that later apollo missions never took place due to tight resources, with proposals being abandoned entirely.

Amateur researchers have proposed that, rather than cancelling these missions, nasa returned to the moon without the public’s knowledge.

Believers have indicated that something more was at work, citing the fact that throughout many of the apollo missions, unidentified flying objects were observed, and it was these encounters that prompted the space agency to desire to explore particular regions further.

Many astronauts have come forward with their own experiences of seeing weird flying objects over the years, and when asked about the event years later, many of them seem hesitant to remark on the topic and then say that the experience was most likely natural.

This type of behavior has led some to speculate that they were told not to talk about what they had witnessed.

Nasa, on the other hand, is not impressed by these photographs and has stated that there has never been a pyramid or other unexplained flying objects photographed on the moon.

Instead, what people are seeing are camera anomalies or pareidolia, which is when your mind fools you into thinking something is there when it isn’t.

Others, though, have questioned why prior employees would make such accusations.

However, it turns out that many nasa astronauts believe extraterrestrials are real and have been in contact with humanity for a long time.

Edgar mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the moon in 1971.

However, for the rest of his life, he was sure that “aliens have been observing us and have been here for some time.

” he once stated that peace-loving aliens had visited earth on a mission to save humanity from nuclear war, and he claimed that the vatican is aware of the existence of extraterrestrials.

Mitchell further claimed that ufos were sighted above nuclear bases and frequently crippled missiles stored in cold war-era arsenal silos.

The spaceman was certain that the us government hushed up the famous roswell incident in 1947, in which a flying disc purportedly crashed near a tiny village in new mexico.

“the reason for the denial is they didn’t know if they [the aliens] were hostile and they didn’t want the soviets to know so they devised to lie about it and cover it up,” he reportedly said.

Brian o’leary never went into space, although he was one of 11 astronauts named in the 1960s for a possible nasa mars trip.

Later in life, o’leary had a near-death experience that changed his outlook on life and reality.

Dr.O’leary, who left nasa to become a respected physics professor at princeton university, stated, “there is abundant evidence that we are being contacted.

Civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time and that their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view.

” as outlandish as it may appear to the uninitiated, the idea of searching for alien artefacts on our own moon may be gaining mainstream scientific acceptance.

There are compelling reasons to believe that, at some point over the earth-moon system’s 4.

5-billion-year history, an alien civilization may have travelled through our solar system, leaving physical remnants of their travels.

These artefacts would most likely include evidence of alien scientific or industrial activity, such as extraordinarily advanced lunar mining, energy generation, and even equipment related to lunar nearside earth reconnaissance.

Or so says paul davies, a longtime seti researcher, physicist, and now director of the beyond center at arizona state university in tempe.

Since 2009, the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (lro) has been surveying lunar landforms with half-meter precision, targeting over 10,000 lunar sites and covering up to 90% of the lunar surface.

The mission’s present success has resulted in a treasure trove of thousands of extremely high-resolution photos, nearly all of which could be searched through a citizen science initiative.

Davies believes that the perfect lunar survey would involve not only a search for optical anomalies, but would also go beyond the scope of the lro’s own mission to look for evidence of alien lunar industrial activity.

“[evidence of past] mining or quarrying could show up in gravimetry or magnetic surveys, even if an ancient mine was buried under the lunar regolith,” said davies.

“We could detect [alien] nuclear waste perhaps from a lunar satellite by looking for localized gamma ray sources from the lunar surface.

” Seti has a minimal chance of succeeding, but if it does, it will have a significant impact.

As a result, it makes sense to broaden the search as far as possible within the constraints of the limited budget and resources now available.

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