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Scientist says “Sun Shockwaves Can Take Out The Modern World”

Scientist says “Sun Shockwaves Can Take Out The Modern World”

Super flare from the sun, an ever-present concern something in the x50 to x100 range, an x-ray and plasma explosion bigger than Jupiter which would end our modern way of life.

But there’s another way the sun can do it and that is with the accumulating impacts of multiple shock waves. This could be from multiple flare events or even just one to show an example. Let’s look back to June 7th 2011 when the earth got very very lucky. A modest x-class solar flare produced an unbelievable coronal mass ejection of plasma as you can see much of it rained back down on the sun but not all of it. Several planets worth of material were tossed from the sunspot during the flare and the eruption sent out several waves of plasma density into space.

This one missed earth in terms of its worst possible effects and that is a very good thing on coronagraphs which show those erupted plasma clouds. We can see this one had an initial shock wave and then slower moving but incredibly dense portions of material.

Even though, it was just one eruption it could have delivered several shock waves to earth if it had been aimed directly at us. You can see the first fainter faster moving wave heading out into space and then the brighter dense pieces. This would have acted like three or four or maybe more consecutive impacts.

Even though it was just one solar flare and not even a super flare level event at that. This is why it’s critical to look at more than just a flare classification number, you need to diagnose the ejected plasma as well both on solar uv images and on the coronagraphs. This one could have been it if it hit earth with that much plasma separated into consecutive shock waves. The induced electric currents could have taken out. Global power leaves us without running water, food at the stores, transportation internet, heating, cooling, refrigeration, everything our modern world relies on.

Estimates suggest when this eventually happens to our planet, it could kill hundreds of millions to a billion people just from the loss of infrastructure and critical systems, hospitals, supply chains, sewage, everything. We got lucky that time but scientists are well aware one of these hits earth every 150 to 200 years.

It’s been 163 years since the last one so we’re in the red zone. Last time we didn’t have an electro dependent society, next time we’re not going to be so lucky.

Are you ready for this?

Better get ready before the sun does and with earth’s weakening magnetic field in the magnetic pole shifting, we are on borrowed time. Now wouldn’t think the sun could sneak up on you but you’d be wrong luckily there are people watching so who are you watching the tv social media journalists.