Solar Flare of X Class – CME Approaching Earth – Multiple Impact Scenario

Solar Flare of X Class - CME Approaching Earth - Multiple Impact Scenario

Observers, good evening.

At the northern group of incoming Sunspots, an X-class solar flare has broken out.

This was a long-lasting event, in contrast to all of the other Sunspot Cycle X-class events.

The spike reaching X 2.2 on the right side of the X-ray flux chart and the flare view of 131 angstroms demonstrate this.

Although the flare itself only lasted for a few hours, the ionization of the upper atmosphere and subsequent radio blackout affected Hawaii and the entire west coast of the Americas.

Although the flare itself did not result in the formation of a dense filament-like CME, it did cause a sufficient plasma push to release material from the corona.

By zooming in and speeding up the frames to show the shock wave rippling through the solar atmosphere, we can see the event and even some of the coronal rippling that will follow in the 193 angstrom view.

A crucial sign of a wide-burst CME associated with a powerful solar flare is this.

The STEREO coronagraph, on repeat here, is updated, while SOHO cameras and endless spirals are not yet.

The material that can be seen shooting out in all directions is a sign that the CME will hit the Earth.

The best initial estimate is that geomagnetic storm activity will occur either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

But keep in mind that a coronal mass ejection (CME) from two days ago is due tomorrow and that a coronal hole stream is also anticipated for Sunday or Monday.

As a result, we currently have a number of impacts on their way to Earth.

Geomagnetic and KP effects will most likely reach their highest point between levels 1 and 3 KP5 to 7, with a 25% chance of level 4 KP8 storm conditions.

People, keep your eyes open.

That Sunspot will also surrender to face us over the weekend.

With full SOHO and envelope updates, I’ll see you in the morning.

Everyone, keep safe.

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