SpaceX Starship will be World’s Fastest Earth to Earth Travel


Isn’t that amazing, with Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) called Starship, it is possible to fly from New York to Tokyo in an hour. BFR is the largest and most powerful rocket ever made by the private spaceflight company SpaceX which was later named as Starship.

CEO of SpaceX : Elon Musk has ambitious plan for having the fastest earth to earth travel in just less than an hour from one corner to another corner of the world which is done by the rocket instead of those old airlines. A billionaire and technologist Elon Musk is planning to make the travelling between any two points in just less than an hour whether you are in the any corner of the universe. Musk project will connect all the cities by suborbital rocket which would carry the passengers and helps them to reach to the destination of any point on the Earth.

In his speech, he proposed that Falcon rocket will not only lift and send things to the space station, moon and mars but also we can use it for flight by BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) which is the current most largest and powerful to carry much load as it will carry passengers. For that the Starship will be settle down on floating landing pads near major cities. 

Actually he hadn’t mentioned much about the enormous risks that passengers would have to face when they will travel through those BFR ( later evolved and named as Starship) from one point of Earth to another point of  Earth. SpaceX have been launching all the Falcon 9 rockets for more than a year.

As in the rockets only the astronomers travel by wearing space suits and also they have to face some problems but if this will happens then there might be the possibilities that the passengers will suffer from different problems.

To save the time, this will become the future of the airlines by replacing them. Now we have to see whether Starship ticket price will become cheaper and safer as the airlines.

Starship Stage Separation

The speed of Starship is 27 times faster than speed of not any normal plane, but than the jet-propelled airplane. This is due to the speed of average airlines being 1000 km/hr whereas the speed of Starship rocket is 27000km/hr (27 times).

That’s the reason it could be the fastest travelling source which would reach any passengers just in less than an hour to any desired destination.

Another problem which we will have to face is radiation exposure in the vacuum of space. Astronauts on the international space station are largely shielded from those types of radiation.

Thanks to our Earth’s magnetic field which protect us by deflecting most of the deep space particles and harmful radiations. 

Cost is another problem which come under this matter. Musk claims that these commercial rocket trips would be as expensive as the price of commercial air travel.

The price of the ticket of rocket trip would be 10 times than the commercial airplanes price. After that in the process of making it cheaper as it cost only for fuel where all the rockets will be reusable to be used.  

Problems Normal Pilot may face

For a normal pilot, the responsibility of taking off and landing down BFR rocket of passengers full of men, women and children which may be too hard to handle. In fact, it would even cause total nervous breakdown for the pilots. 

So, we need visionaries to motivate us which could think positively and response in those nervous conditions. As Musk said at the end of SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition that” If we don’t have things that inspire us then What’s the point of living?”

There are some arguing that it’s cost would never be safe enough or cost-effective to work. So that, it could defeat airlines and bring more modernization on Earth-to-Earth flight and travelling.

It is refreshing us to know about something big enough about the future of transportation. Since 1970s, the most innovative ideas were come and implement which brought uniformity and the aerospace seem to be limited of seat layouts and on single-digit improvements in fuel efficiency to be given on any sorts of flights.   

Indeed, the Starship rocket is physically larger than the Saturn V rocket which took us to the Moon, will wait for the passengers to take them off from a floating platform near the shore of sea.

There are total 2 stages in the BFR rocket or Starship. They are as follows:-

The 1st stage would be separated after its launch where it will leave the 2nd stage outer atmosphere with no gravity and land back on Earth at its platform from where it were launched.  

The 2nd stage will  carry cargo and crew members, that would propel itself and turn on its engines to land softly on another platform at the destination place.    

This concept seems to be impossible or youcan even say it hypothetical for two reasons:

  1. Very Expensive: The starship rocket is going to be so expensive because of its huge size.
  2. Chance of Blowing Up:


You will know, How it can be possible to fly from New York to Tokyo in an hour.


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