Let's See 7 Facts of Giant Megalodon

1. Megalodon Name

Megalodon means giant tooth in the Greek language.

Megalodon is officially known as Carcharocles megalodon as its scientific name.

2. Megalodon Preys

They used to hunt and eat small whales as their prey.

In a whole day, they used to eat 2500 pounds of food, so they are called an apex predator.

3. Megalodon Blood Type

All the fish are cold-blooded animals, but Megalodons are partially warm-blooded animals.

This is due to heat generation while swimming.

4. Megalodon Size

The body of the Megalodon is 2 times the length of white sharks.

Some researchers have even found it 4 times bigger.

5. Megalodon Giant Tooth

The giant Megalodon tooth is 6.9 inches long (i.e., 3 times longer than modern sharks present now).

Megalodon's 10 feet wide mouth helps Megalodon in producing a powerful bite.

6. Female Megalodon

Female Megalodons are twice the size of Male Megalodons.

Even a newly born Megalodon are of size 6.6 feet from tip of nose to its tail.

7. Megalodon Extinction

Megalodon have extincted 2.6 million years ago and researchers say these are the causes: 1. Increase in Great white Shark 2. Supernova 3. Tectonic Plates

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