The Story of Deadly Volcano which killed 10,000 people.

Let's begin know what are its causes, where to find them and deadly eruption happened in history.

1. Main Cause

When the Crack soften pressure, the magma gets out with gases.

The magma becomes Volcanic Glass after cooling due to the presence of water.

2. Danger Area

The areas near volcanic vent having radius of 20 mile are in danger.

The top 3 at-risk countries affected by volcano eruption are Philippines, Japan and Mexico.

3. Where to Find

The underwater volcano eruption is maily found beneath the ocean.

The famous example is West Mala, which is situated beneath the Pacific ocean.

4. Sound of Eruption

When the Volcano erupts it produces sound like quiet, and often booming.

These sound waves travel 100s of miles and causes hearing loss and breaking of glass.

5. Deadly Recorded Eruption

Indonesia is the place where this was happened.

The ruslt of this directly influenced the ocean waves and caused tsunami, ash flows, and mudflows.

6. Volcanic Lightning

The topmost reason behind this is the friction of ahs rushing to its surface.

So, this occurs in cloud of ash and this lightning has already taken life of 200 people.

7. Largest Eruption in History

The explosion of Mount Tabora is considered as the Largest eruption ever happened.

This eruption lead to the creation of crater of 4 mile across and 3,600 feet deep.