How You can see the Big K2 “Mega comet” this summer sky

There's a Good News !

You can still see the Giant ice comet that came closest to Earth on Thursday.

You just need a telescope to spot K2 Comet in the constellation Ophiuchus.

The K2 Comet also known as C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) Comet is moving back in the sky.

When it first came near earth, John Chumack with found a 6 inch coma (spot of light).

These comets are made from leftovers from when the solar system was created.

When a comet comes nearer to the sun, you can see a tail developing because its ice part is heating.

That tail is composed of dust, rock and ice containing gas and dust particles.

In May 2017, we discovered the K2 comet for the first time at 2.4 billion km from the sun.

Make sure, you view the comet on the dark night, when you can see clear stars.

How to still View Comet

How to still View Comet

And, your first task is to locate constellation Ophiuchus through a Star Chart.

Then, look for the fuzzy coma when staring at the neighborhood stars.

Bingo that’s your K2 Comet.