Leopard Gecko Tail Regrowth

If a leopard gecko loses its tail, it will grow another one.

Do you know, the leopard gecko tail have the power of regeneration?

People still wonder about its tail…So, what about human being?

Animals With Regeneration Power

Animals with Extraordinary Regeneration Power are: 1. Starfish 2. Zebrafish 3. Salamander 4. Sea Cucumber 5. Planarians like Flatworms

What about Human Regeneration

Can we regenerate the missing body part or limbs?

Like Geckos, they regenerate their tail back to its original state.

But Humans' regeneration power is not so high like Geckos.


This new found discovery can help to design a new and better artificial limb in near future. Thanks to Dr. Danilov!

Scientists found Secret Key behind Geckos tail regeneration.

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