The Tau Herculids shower, a potential new meteor shower, may be set to make its maiden appearance in our sky.

This Meteor Shower is not just a pleasant possibility for skywatchers; comet specialists are hoping for a near encounter as well.

The meteor shower will begin on Memorial Day (Monday, May 30) and linger until early Tuesday, according to NASA.

According to NASA, Earth will travel through the field of debris which has been outgassed by the broken comet in 1995.

It is projected to illuminate the sky based just on velocity and distance of the meteoroids, might be a treat for space fans on Monday.

These meteors are expected to explode as Earth passes through the fragments of a falling comet called as Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3).

However, as NASA points out, certain occurrences, like the 2019 Alpha Monocerotid shower, may fall short of predictions.

If material of comet 73P/SW3 is released at double the normal speed, observers might expect a stunning spectacle.

Some scientists predict that this occurrence will be just as disastrous like the Leonid meteor shower 20 years ago.

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