1. Fuji Apple

Fuji Apples are the sweetest apple available in supermarkets.

They are extremely popular due to their candy-like sweet flavor.

2. Kiku Apple

Kiku apples have a sweet and juicy flesh with a firm and crisp texture.

These apples are fantastic to eat raw as a quick snack or cut in salads.

The taste of Ambrosia Apples is full-bodied, rich, and candy-like.

Ambrosia is a rare modern apple variety known for its unique honey-candy juice.

3. Ambrosia Apple

Gala apples have a sugary-candy flavor with a slight acidity.

These pear-like apples have honey flavor that has made them extremely popular across the world.

4. Gala Apple

Honeycrisp apples have rich, balanced and distinct candy flavor.

High level of herbal sweetness and acidity has turned it into an autumn must-have at farmers' markets.

5. Honeycrisp Apple

SweeTango Apples have a sweet, juicy flavor that is well-balanced with a tangy "tang."

Even the sound it makes is a mix of sweetness and sour acidity!

6. SweeTango Apple

It is a modern apple variety cultivated for the finished effect like candy!

Envy Apples have the right balance of fresh acidity and sugary flavor.

7. Envy Apple

They're a well-developed Gala variety that's well worth sampling while they're still in season.

Sweetie apples are aesthetically beautiful and have a little sugar taste.

8. Sweetie Apple

The famous Royal Gala and Braeburn pass apple varieties are Jazz Apples.

Jazz apples are vibrant apples with a sweet, juicy flavor that reminds me of pear or honey.

9. Jazz Apple

They are delicious European-bred apple of a cross between Gala and Braeburn.

10. Kanji Apple

Kanzi apple, like its twin Jazz, is an attractive apple with a well-balanced sweet-tart flavor.