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Ancient Aliens: Thousands of Secret Crop Circles Found in Farm Fields

Ancient Aliens Thousands of Secret Crop Circles Found in Farm Fields

On April 24, 2022, in Winchester, England, a baffling structure emerges from a mustard plant field.

Known as a crop circle, this perfectly symmetrical design is a phenomenon.

Additionally, it is just one of numerous odd patterns that occur annually in the English countryside.

“Crop circles are basically features, designs, and illustrations of high complexity in crops,” according to Mark Olly.

They typically have intricate designs from unknown sources.

TAYLOR, RICHARD: The patterns themselves have been undergoing an amazing level of sophistication increase.

These massive “pictographs” can span a field for hundreds of feet and include a number of different parts.

Additionally, they are arranged mathematically precisely.

More than 50 nations have crop circles.

And there have literally been thousands of them, possibly more than 10,000 crop circles that we are aware of today.

NARRATOR: Today, these formations are visited by thousands of people, including researchers who measure the patterns, collect stalks and soil samples, and take aerial photographs for future research.

Eyewitness accounts of strange lights and objects observed at the same time a crop circle appears may also be included in the documentation of these enigmatic impressions.

Since the middle of the 1960s, these kinds of stories have been widely reported.

George Pedley discovered the first modern example of a crop circle actually being made in Australia in 1966.

The object George Pedley saw was rising from a lagoon.

Then there was the object; he had no idea how they did it.

A geometric pattern was actually created by the object in the lagoon’s foliage.

HENRY WILLIAM: He discovers a circular area where the grass, swamp, or reeds have become matted together.

The Australian press reports this.

They also start calling these nests UFOs or flying saucers.

NARRATOR: Even though crop circles have been documented for over 60 years, there is evidence that these enigmatic formations have been present in farmer’s fields for centuries.

A woodcut pamphlet titled “The Mowing Devil” is published in Hertfordshire, England, in 1678. It depicts a devilish figure making a circle out of an oat field.

Andre Cooper: It alludes to a rumored account of a farmer who saw these enigmatic lights in a field.

He went out there the following morning and discovered these circular depressions in his land, actually within the crop.

TAYLOR, RICHARD: Although they were folded over, the stalks were not broken.

Even the so-called “mowing devil” began to be blamed by people.

NARRATOR: The English scientist John Capron applied his scientific analysis to what he witnessed in 1880, when he proposed that a cyclonic wind of unknown origin created perfectly circular patches of flattened crops. The mowing devil woodcut attributed the mysterious crop formation to an evil entity.

Because he describes some kind of whirlwind that is coming from the sky and is having this effect on the ground, Capron may be the first person to make the connection between crop circles and what we now call UAPs or UFOs.

We refer to this as a crop circle.

NARRATOR: These incidents and contemporary crop circle accounts, according to ancient astronaut theorists, provide evidence that these strange formations may be connected to visits from otherworldly beings.

Exceptional phenomena have been described by eyewitnesses who have observed crop circles.

They talked about light tubes and whirling beams.

In the 1990s, a phenomenon that became famous was when balls of light were seen to fly across the field and appear to flatten the crops.

They were also filmed actually manufacturing one of those designs in just a few minutes.

According to a lot of researchers, there are now enough reports of unusual activity around crop circles to disprove the well-known claim that all such formations are made by humans, which was made more than 30 years ago.