Are iPhone SE Waterproof? – 3 Ultimate Reasons For Waterproof Case

Are iPhone SE Waterproof

No, iPhone SE is not fully waterproof instead they are water resistant to accidental spills, and splashes and is fully dust resistant. Like the iPhone 11 series, iPhone SE can be submerged under pressurized water for 30 minutes upto 1 meter underwater.

The International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) gives the IP rating to any devices. Iphone SE follows International Protection (IP), they tell about degrees of protection to resist splashes, dust and water over time. 

The 1st number in IP rating scoring from 0-6 indicates dust resistance. Likewise, the 2nd number in IP rating scoring from 0-8 tells about the water resistance. Usually, the higher the IP rating your phone has, the better water resistance your phone is.

The iPhone SE got its IP67 rating due to the testing under controlled laboratory conditions of IEC standard 60529. This means they are resistant to splash, water and dust for 30 minutes underwater at a maximum depth of 1 meter (3.3 feet). So, iPhone SE can handle accidental splashes, rain, or falling into water such as a pool or shower.

In most cases, the biggest threat for your iphone is water exposure to the speaker. Check this out: What iPhones is Waterproof – 4 List of Best Water Resistant iPhones

What iphones is waterproof iPhone models and their degree of protection (IP Code) These are the iPhones that can be submerged into water for 30 minutes and at different maximum heights like 6, 4, 2, 1 meter underwater

iPhone SE Waterproof Case

What would you do if you want to have fun in deep water without worrying about phone damage?

The best answer is to get a waterproof case because it helps in many ways to improve the water-resistance of your iPhone SE. 

This is really an easy and accessible option for your phone protection.

Just to consider, a LifeProof line of cases and waterproof FRE cases multiply your phone’s protection by 2x times the previous water resistance capacity.

These are the 3 ultimate reasons why you need waterproof case for your iPhone SE:

  1. Not Permanent: The water and dust resistance are not permanent because the adhesive seal could fail and water could damage the internal parts when taken to deep water.
  2. Degrading Resistance: The resistance could not be the same as it was like the new one. Its resistance may degrade over time after normal wear and use. So be careful and take it as another option or as plan B when liquid gets spilled on it accidentally.
  3. No Applecare warranty: At the time of purchase of your iPhone, Apple’s 1 year warranty doesn’t cover water damage. So be careful to not take your iPhone intentionally into the water because Apple Care+ will not be responsible for this.

What benefits will you see if you use an iPhone SE waterproof case?

These 2 improvements, you will see when using waterproof FRE cases for your phones:

  1. 2x Depth: The case will double (2x times multiply) the maximum depth from 1 meter to 2 meters.
  2. 2x Duration: The case will also double (2x times multiply) the duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What benefits will you see if you use an iPhone SE LifeProof line of cases?

This will definitely boost your level of Ip rating from IP67 to IPX8 level, which is only 1 point below the possible highest water resistance rating.

In addition, the extra screen protection will furthermore ensure your iPhone SE to use after any water exposure.

Quick History of iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is also considered ”a powerful new smartphone in a popular design” officially by Apple.

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) was officially launched on April 24, 2020, with an IP67-rated water resistance feature.

However, it was discontinued on March 8, 2022, because of the announcement of its brand new successor i.e. 3rd generation iPhone SE.

New iPhone SE features

The New iPhone SE launched on March 8, 2022, has new upgraded following features:

  • Ios 14: They have a brand new ios 14 operating system. 
  • A13 Bionic chip: This is also the fastest chip also used in iPhone 12 and 11 pro.
  • 4k camera: iPhone SE has a 4k camera system with an amazing feature to zoom.
  • Slomo and Time Lapse features : These features allow you to change how the number of images or frames will appear in 1 second of captured video, so they are also called frame rate or playback speed. The Time Lapse feature speeds the frame rate whereas the Slowmo feature slows the frame rate. We live in real time and see  between 30-60 frames per second through our eyes.  

Can iPhone survive being dropped in toilet?

iPhone models above iPhone 7 with IP67 or IP68 rating can survive the accidental drop of your iPhone.

This is because your iPhone is resistant to accidental splashes, water spills, and dust for 30 minutes for up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) underwater. So, it should survive if you accidentally dropped your iPhone in the toilet or any swimming pool.

One should not expect iPhone fully working even when it got dropped in the bottom of the lake.

Can the iPhone SE take underwater pictures?

The good news is that you can use iPhone SE (2nd generation) for taking pictures underwater for 30 minutes upto 1 meter and even with modern iPhones like iPhone 14, you can only take pictures for only 30 minutes upto 6 meters. 

If  you don’t want to worry while enjoying photography underwater, you will definitely need a waterproof case for your iPhone SE. When you are going to take a waterproof case for your iphone, we suggest you choose the tested waterproof case with nice user reviews.

These are some of the great underwater photography ideas that will help you get started for your underwater photography journey.

iPhone SE Waterproof Shower

Yeah, your iPhone SE is safe from shower’s water splashes.

So, in the shower, you can even listen to music, text, call and even watch video comfortably. Just put it away from soap or shampoo because they could cause the risk of internal damage of parts,including the powerful A13 Bionic Chip.

Note: Apple doesn’t cover the warranty of water exposure to your iphone, so it is best to avoid intentional exposure of water to your phone. It is completely fine if your iphone got accidental water spills, splashes to the pool or while showering.

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