iphone 14 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Apple iphone 14 and plus iphone 14 Pros and Cons
Left Apple iphone 14 plus and Right- iphone 14 ( Photo credit- Brands)

The iphone 14s are official and the brutally honest take on them the good the bad and the ugly. The apple’s managed to swap out the notch on past iphones with this much sleeker symmetrical hole punch, which is is legitimately impressive because, it’s not just an aesthetic improvement with this tiny little sliver of extra display you now unlock somehow making the phone look about three years more current but then it’s also how they’ve managed to trim it.

✅always on display Eyes friendly❌A little bit heavier and thicker
✅48 Mp camera main (new)❌No sim Card Tray
✅Brightest screen every iphone❌still just 20W charging
✅Action mode availavle
✅Dynamic island replaces notchs
✅Much sleeker symmetrical

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The feature that, they’re calling dynamic island when this first came on people reviewers thooght what are these animations that’s such a gimmick video but then realizing that this effectively allows you to multitask to see and change your music or check the progress, that is amazing features to in this.
You can timer you’ve set without leaving the app that you’re already in we werw very quickly all on board with it, but then on top of that they’ve also managed to upgrade the selfie camera
that goes inside of this hole punch and we think this is going to be a big hit we’re in the tick tock generation there are millions of people almost exclusively using their front-facing cameras every single day to record and share themselves with the world.

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The most leads that apple Iphone already has when it comes to how snapchats and instagram stories are going to come across and then again on the almost surprising note of looking out for the customer the iphone 14s now also support direct to satellite
communications which is it’s considered the holy grail of connectivity it basically means that even if you’re out of range of the traditional cell towers you can still send messages directly by the satellites orbiting the planets the only caveat being that the signal from them is going to be pretty weak by time it reaches earth so you can only do things that require small amounts of data so for now apple’s limited it to purely emergency services and keeping your family updated on your location if you’re out and about remotely.

iphone 14 pro camera pixel

You can’t use satellite to continue your search for love with tinder on the go as much as an emergency as that may feel like it is but still this feature is kind of ahead of the curve the only slight alarm bell is the fact that this is a subscription service free for the first two years but then not after that there’s a pretty big display upgrade on the new pro iphones slimmer screen borders although only slightly i’m actually kind of finding it hard to tell at a glance and then a new brightness level of up to 2 000 nits which is nuts and also the highest brightness ever recorded on a smartphone.

A lot of the most exciting things this time around only apply to the 14 pro and the pro max there is one big shake up to the non-pro iphones with the iphone 14s apple has swapped out the iphone mini that used to be the cheapest entry-level iphone for the iphone 14 plus which now sits above the base iphone 14 but below the pros probably for two reasons a the the mini was not a huge sales success like even though it was 25 of the iphone 13 lineup it only sold about five percent of the volume which i think is mostly due to the fact that smaller screens make the average person think that a phone is worthless but also b the simple fact that this has allowed apple to swap out the 699 iphone for what’s going to be an 899 iphone and yes they give you a bigger screen and a bigger battery for that but that won’t cost them close to the extra 200.

They’re charging for it just leading to more profit per unit than before but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad option themain reason that i always go for these ultra pro max phones is because they’re the only ones that can satisfy my battery life needs and also the fact that when you have a little bit of extra
battery life headroom it prolongs how many years you can keep using it before the battery becomes an issue and so the fact that this iphone 14 plus can give you maybe three or four more hours in the standard iphone 14 without having to spring to the

It a viable option now the biggest upgrade that we had with last year’s iphone 13 pro was something that apple calls the pro motion display a fancy way of saying a refresh rate that can scale all the way up to 120 hertz which makes the phone feel very responsive and smooth and all the way down to just 10 hertz which saves battery when you’re looking at static pages well this year that 10 hertz lower limit has just become one hertz and that actually changes how you can use your phone it.

Third-party apps you could make that always on display show almost anything you wanted it to but the value of what apple’s offering here is a strong set of options that are visually consistent.

The rest of the operating system easy to use with an even lower hit to your battery and without needing to go down the route of downloading apps that you don’t particularly trust don’t get
me wrong there are absolutely things.

The upgraded on the normal 14 and 14 plus that means a slightly better sensor which has better stabilization and a faster shutter time but then the more significant upgrade actually comes from the software apple’s saying that this new image processing that they’re calling the photonic engine can bring
out two times more light when taking night shots that is a very exciting number but i just kind of want to temper your expectations.

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