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Is Artificial Intelligence just a hype? Can it be helpful in our future?

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence

The branch of computer science deals with intelligent machines that can do simulations of human intelligence for problem-solving and decision-making. In our real life, we are making them more intelligent by mimicking the human intelligence that the smart computer system can analyze.

What is Artificial Intelligence Examples

There are several examples of artificial intelligence that we are using in our daily life without even noticing them.

Let’s discuss 7 artificial intelligence examples that impact our lives today.

1. Smart Home Devices

Smart Home

Smart home devices help you save energy by using the energy very smartly. You might have seen Thermostats like Nest, it controls your home temperature based on your habits and preferences. 

Even the AI used in the refrigerator can sense what is empty and tells you quickly things that you need to bring.

Now, automated home systems are also using AI to let you turn on the light by just saying “turn on light”. 

2. Face Detection & Recognition

Apple Face ID

You probably have used virtual filters on Snapchat, it recognizes your face and Smart applies the desired filter to your face. In this process, Snapchat uses face detection technology.

Face recognition is a very advanced form of face detection. Therefore, Apple uses FaceID unlock feature in iPhones for the purpose of security, so the phone owner could only unlock the iPhone. In this way, Apple Face ID technology helps its users to protect personal information.

According to Apple, Face ID technology automatically adjusts to the changes in the user’s facial appearance. These include putting on cosmetic makeup, increasing facial hair, or wearing any sort of hats, glasses, or contact lenses. 

3. Social Feed

Social Feed

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use AI to generate personalized feed and recommendations based on what you like and what your interests are. Through AI, they provide you with more recommendations and keep you engaged on their platforms. 

4. Recommendation Algorithm 


Many big streaming companies like Netflix, youtube, and spotify use the AI as the recommendation algorithm program for giving the recommendation based on the user’s history of interests and behaviors. That’s why, when you finish watching any Netflix movie and the recommendation provided by Netflix, you like them without needing to do a further search.

5. Chatbots


Chatbots are now very helpful for the customer representative who needs to answer the queries of their customer, so they use AI to make this automatic. The AI takes the queries from customers and answers their questions with full satisfaction that they have learned from the previous customer’s rating. They also improve from just saying “yes” or “no” to making a brief conversation with the customer in a natural way.

6. Smart Driving

Tesla Car

Smart cars like Tesla Cars have an automated AI that helps you drive a car in the self-driving mode without needing a human for driving. Tesla cars also have the feature of Dogs Mode that automatically adjusts the temperature inside the car for your lovely dog.

You might be unknown when you are using Google Assistant or Siri on your mobile phone. Simply, It is the cloud network of artificial neurons that creates a huge artificial neural network like the brain.

7. Voice Assistant

Google Assistant

Their main goal is to answer your every query in a satisfactory way with the help of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning).  They also keep adapting to the user’s preferences and habits. They also help us to manage our plan actions such as schedules, meetings, reminders, and prompts.

There is also AI that listens to your voice command and does work for you whatever you have given the command, where they are the AI modules which basically work on three steps.

At first AI will listen to your voice command and then translate it into text. After translating, it gives the command to the cloud which is the server called so.

Then, from the cloud, it gives you the data back, which means that your command is done and processed successfully.

What is the purpose of AI?

The purpose of AI is to serve humankind by helping them to finish billions of tasks, decisions, and projects in a fraction of a second.

Even now at the present moment, it has been incredibly used in almost each and every sector because it is such an ability that it can handle any work with 100% performance.

What are the types of AI?

There are main 3 types of AI based upon the power and intelligence level of the AI.

1. Narrow or Weak AI

They are such AIs that are limited to their specified field or sectors for their work. It simulates Human Cognition. It performs automating time-consuming tasks by analyzing data in ways that humans sometimes couldn’t.

So, it provides us with the benefits to handle our work that is time-consuming in a fraction of seconds. For example, Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, etc. are virtual assistants which are only limited in their specified sector or niche. So, they are known as Narrow or Weak AI.

2. General or Strong AI

It will become such intelligence that will be equal to human intelligence. It includes the main and key characteristics of the ability to reason, solve puzzles, make judgments, plan, learn, and communicate to each other.

For example, if you wake up one morning and say your AI good morning then it will automatically know your mood then it will prepare coffee for you.

3. Superintelligence AI

Experts in this field describe it as “The intelligence which exceeds the thinking and cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest.”

According to Wikipedia, it will become reality when general or strong AI will be made. At present, it is only hypo theoretically thought because we are now in the age of Narrow or Weak AI.

What is Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence stands for AGI, and understands the world as like humans would do. They could have intelligence level like humans and could solve any problem better than us in every way.

If you have seen movies like Matrix and Terminator, they show AGI making humans slaves and wiping out the human species from the world. Their main focus is to show AGI as super-intelligent robots that have higher intelligence than humans. They also hint to us, that if AGI is real, then our species could become extinct.

In today’s world, there is no AGI that exists. Still, they are dummy machines that can only perform the automated task because they lack the intelligence and cognition that humans possess.

Why is Artificial Intelligence still dumb

But still, AI is dumb because it can only do the work that can be automated but cannot do the work that requires rational thinking like humans. 

Who created Artificial Intelligence

John McCarthy created artificial intelligence in 1955.  He is known as the “Father of AI” because he had a significant contribution in the development of intelligent machines and also because he used the term “Artificial Intelligence” for the first time.

When was Artificial Intelligence invented

Actually, Artificial Intelligence was coined for the first time by Dartmouth College in 1956.

What is Artificial Intelligence definition

The remedy brain or intelligence that is made with the help of chips that creates an artificial neural network between each neuron of a chip is defined as Artificial Intelligence.

In a simple way, artificial intelligence is using programs to automate tasks and do the task that requires human intelligence.

Which case would benefit from Explainable Artificial Intelligence Principles

The explainable artificial intelligence principle helps justify predictions by adding the transparency layer. This could be used in many cases to get good benefits:

  • Diagnosis: Doctors can use explainable AI to make a diagnosis.
  • AI Transparency: Developers/organizations could use it to explain AI models’ expected impact and potential biases.

Is Artificial Intelligence dangerous?

Actually, AI is a machine that has no feeling so it can be used in hacking even in cleaning, or in daily purposes works we are performing in our life.

Have you ever noticed when you are using AI simply like Google assistant, Siri in apple, or the Alexa package selected by Amazon?

 In reality, they all are the AI versions which are very much perfect in their sector. Here’s the Elon Musk view on the Artificial Intelligence.

What does Artificial Intelligence mean

Artificial Intelligence word is made of “Artificial” and “Intelligence” which togetherly means the human-made thinking power.

So, artificial intelligence means the intelligence made by humans for performing tasks that humans can do. Artificial intelligence is just a replica version of human intelligence with greater efficiency and performing capacity.

How does Artificial Intelligence work

For artificial intelligence to work, it creates patterns from the mountain (complex) of data and gets training on those learnings. 

Why Artificial Intelligence is important

Artificial Intelligence makes manual tasks automated and also helps organizations in making strategic decisions at high speed and accuracy.

It is very important for the progress of technology because it automates unimportant things and we only have to do the things that are really important. 

Application of Artificial intelligence

Its application is as follows: –

Application of AI

1. Virtual Assistant:- It is used in your smartphones where you have seen Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, etc.

2. Face recognition:- You might have seen them in your mobiles when you make locks for your phones or in the process of recognizing a face.

3. Finger Lock checking:- At the time of passing the test of finger lock checking there is also use of AI.

Is AI the future?

As it has impacted every sector, industry, and even all human beings.

They have been working as the main driver or controller of emerging technologies such as robotics, data, and IoT.

How Artificial Intelligence will change the Future

Artificial intelligence will change the future by automating the things that computers can do and helping humans to progress in technology. They can also help us to find cures for undiscovered diseases and help in space exploration where robots will go on dangerous missions where humans could die.

If we use artificial intelligence in a good way, there will be so much progress in our world so fast. But if we fail to harness the positive side of  artificial intelligence by overcoming its downsides, then there will be so much destruction and even our human species could become extinct as shown in the movies like Matrix and Terminator.

So, let’s hope for good things to happen and that’s totally dependent on the hands of the person whether he/she will use it for a good shake or a bad shake of humanity.

What is the Artificial Intelligence data mining platform

The artificial intelligence used in data mining platforms helps the organization to analyze the hidden patterns and trends from large databases. These patterns and trends help them to take business-related decisions and even predict what things will happen according to the analyzed data.

What is Conversational Artificial Intelligence

If you have heard about chatbots, then you might be pretty well familiar with conversational artificial intelligence. In simple words, conversational artificial intelligence is the AI that allows a person to chat with robots (chatbots) like talking to humans in a natural way. At present, it is used for several purposes:

  • Chatbots: it is used for replying to customers through Chatbots in a natural way by answering their queries and understanding their intent.
  • Deciphering: Conversational AI is also used for decryption and understanding of the languages and context.

How to get into Artificial Intelligence

You just have to get a bachelor degree in the field of computer science or any other related field like computer engineering. The better option will be getting a graduate degree in AI if you truly want to get into artificial intelligence.

What is the difference between Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

The basic difference is that machine learning only focuses on analyzing data and algorithms whereas artificial intelligence covers a wide general area from home usage to the large-scale analysis of the data. 

Machine Learning literally makes computer systems experts in one field by giving it training such as identifying dogs. In this, the computer system will not understand if you put a cat in front of it and tell it to recognize it.

In general, artificial intelligence can learn many things by itself as we humans do. As they have cognitive thinking like super-intelligence, they could learn anything very fast. 

In summary, Machine Learning is just a part of artificial intelligence whereas Artificial Intelligence covers all the sector which human intelligence can.

Who will win the comparison match between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

When we do a comparison between both then I will say that Ai will probably win the comparison match because the ai means what it is intelligence which has all the powers even in any sector to perform anything.

Artificial Intelligence Movies and Shows

You can even get more information by watching the movies. I will suggest some movies that will help you to learn about artificial intelligence.

In the YouTube Original Show called “Age of AI” where Robert Downey junior who is well known as IRONMAN. I am 100% sure that you have probably seen him in his movie. (What an incredible movie where A.I. Jarvis that looks more Cool)

He explains about the emerging technologies like robotics, data, Iot and how AI will change the upcoming world.  

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