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Why Designer Baby is the Upcoming Future?

Designer Baby

If you go back in time and change something about yourself before your birth, what would it be?

Would you change your Eye Color or maybe your Hair Color?

Maybe You would boost your Immunity to certain Illnesses and Pandemic Viruses like Corona.

Well, it’s too late for any of us to do this, but for our children certainly there may be hope!

Using Gene-editing, we may soon be able to design the genes in our babies and select characteristics we want and discard those we don’t want.

The most exciting part is that this future may be closer than you think!

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Origin of Designer Baby (History)

A Chinese Scientist named He Jiankui claimed to create a designer baby.

He created the world’s First Gene-Edited Babies from Genetically Modified Human Embryos.

The embryos were taken from a HIV-positive father and a HIV-negative mother.

CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing technique was used to remove a single gene called CCR5 from those embryos.

The CCR5 gene is the cause for making a protein that allows HIV/AIDS causing virus to enter the cell.

Disabling this gene would make the babies more resistant and prevent HIV, Cholera and Smallpox.

After removing HIV/AIDS causing CCR5 gene, he implanted those embryos into their respective mother’s uterus.

According to the researchers, embryos were edited for seven couples affected by HIV/AIDS.

Finally, one pregnancy successfully led to the birth of twin girls named Lulu and Nana from this treatment.

Those twin girls were HIV free.

Actually, 11 embryos were used in 6 attempts before the twin pregnancy was achieved.

It means that this technique could potentially prevent HIV from being passed away.


In short, We can call it CRISPR only.

It is faster, cheaper and more accurate than other techniques of editing DNA. 

It is very popular because it has a wide range of potential possibilities.

But why does CRISPR matter and how exactly does it work?

What is CRISPR Cas-9?

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats where Cas-9 stands for CRISPR Associated Protein-9.

CRISPR is actually a natural mechanism found in the immune system of bacteria.

And Cas-9 is an enzyme protein that splits and splices the DNA in these CRISPR sequences.

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Process of CRISPR Cas-9

In this process, Cas-9 is used to add or remove several types of genes in the DNA.

In bacteria, if the repetitive DNA strands are invaded by a virus then its DNA the Cas-9 protein can sense that the row DNA is foreign.

Once it does, it cleaves out this DNA from the Bacterial DNA. Read more about CRISPR at Wikipedia.

Gene vs DNA

The difference between Gene and DNA are as follows:

A short length of DNAA Long Chain of Double Helix (Coil)
Stores the code for making several molecules called ProteinStores the genetic code of an organism
Made of DNAMade of Nucleotide bases. They are:
1. Adenine (A)
2. Cytosine (C)
3. Guanine (G)
4. Thymine (T)
Helps to transmit Traits to the OffspringHelps an organism to develop, survive and reproduce
Found inside DNAFound in each and every cell of an organism
Example: One gene might code for eye color.  Example: One DNA inside a cell could code for its structure and collectively form the whole organism.

Process of Designer Baby

So, How is a designer baby made?

Each and every cell has the potential to become a fully-grown human being.

First, you have to take a skin cell of anyone male or female.

Then, You convert that skin cell into an embryonic stem cell.

Embryonic stem cells have the capacity to become any type of cell in the body. 

Whether it could be heart cells, lung cells, neurons, liver cells, bone cells, etc.  

Then, we need to convert these stem cells into sperm and eggs through a process called Cellular Reprogramming.

Cellular Reprogramming works by feeding stem cells the right ingredient of hormones and growth factors. 

Sometimes, it often needs a bit of genetic modification.

You can make stem cells any type of cell by choosing hormone and growth factors.  

Finally, we have received sperm and eggs indirectly from skin cells. 

Now, we use sperm to fertilize eggs through In-Vitro Fertilization.

What is In-Vitro Fertilization?

A standard procedure or technique which is used by millions of infertile (sterile) couples around the world is known as In-Vitro Fertilization.

It helps us to create embryos from fertilization of sperm and egg under lab conditions.

However these embryos allow genetic diseases. 

So that they could mutate with human embryos.

Finally after birth, the baby could experience serious health problems.

It can even give rise to ordinary human beings with ordinary intelligence, power, etc.

We will need to genetically engineer these embryos to solve the genetic problems using CRISPR Cas-9.

Engineering Embryos vs Adult Human Being

There is a big difference between engineering human embryos and engineering an adult human being.

This is because an embryo has only 4 to 8 cells whereas an adult human being has 37.2 Trillion cells.

Editing all of the 37.2 trillion cells looks impossible with our current technology.

However, It’s easy to edit an embryo as it has only 4 to 8 cells.

Final Step

So now you have to use CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing technique on embryos.

As the genes determine what characteristics will be given to the baby.

So, you have to take genes from the DNA of the Embryo’s Cells.

Now, remove the genes that you don’t want and put the genes that you want.

By removing genes, you can end genetic diseases and by adding genes, you can add new genetic characteristics.


The external appearance, hair color, eye color, skin tune and body strength of a person is known as phenotype.

So You can even engineer the Phenotype of the baby.

What can You choose for a designer baby?

Some amazing phenotypes (characteristics) to choose for Designer Baby are as follows:

  • Boy or Girl
  • High IQ
  • Tall Height
  • Muscular Body
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Blue Colored Eye
  • Handsome/ Beautiful Face

These all phenotypes are controlled by our genes, so you can fully customize your designer baby.

Thus, you can make your baby “The Perfect Baby” with absolute perfection as per your wish.

You can even extend the life expectancy by the help of some aging genes.

And enhancing your baby’s mind will make your baby “The Super Mind” with absolute intelligence power.

Pros of Designer Baby

  • This helps to make a healthy baby free of disease. 
  • It will help to have a better understanding of genetics. 
  • Modified Humans could become the new standards.
  • This would be a highly money-making process in the future.
  • It might also help to increase human life expectancy.
  • We can alter the personality and give any traits that we may want.
  • According to our wish, we can modify human structure.
  • It helps to minimize the risk of genetic disorders.
  • You can have your own designer baby as you want.
  • It would give a positive influence on the baby.
  • Due to it, we could completely remove any genetic disorder passing from generation-to-generation.
  • We can’t change our traits now. But we can do modification in the embryonic stage of the next generation. It will need to be done in the preimplantation stage. 
  • In Space Exploration, we could make humans adapt to live on a habitable planet.

Cons of Designer Baby

  • It is highly expensive, so many couples can’t afford it.
  • In the near future, rich people can only afford it and after its marketing, others can afford it too.
  • It is not error-free because it is not 100% safe yet.
  • It is still in its infancy, so we don’t know much about it.
  • When giving desirable traits of genes, then there may come problems in existing genes. It can also lead to the hampering of vital functioning of the organs.
  • It can completely change humans that we may know.
  • This could create a big gap in society.
  • If we fail to harness its good aspects then it could even end human mankind.
  • Government might use it to make Biological Weapons for defense.
  • Our Babies could be taken as a lab rat.

Interesting Facts of Designer Baby

  • They are free-from any kind of diseases.
  • Designer Baby will be more advanced than us, like we are advanced than our ancestors. 
  • They can be even used as a super soldier in superhuman form.
  • You can make your baby “The Perfect Baby” with absolute perfection.
  • They could borrow exciting characteristics from creatures like lions, wolves, etc.
  • You can design your baby to become “Supermind” with absolute intelligence power.
  • Enhancing the lifespan of your baby by altering age determining genes would be even more amazing.

Future Aspects of Designer Baby

Designer Baby has an amazing future to make humans do great things than ever before.

If we could harness many of its positive sides, then it will change our future very quickly.

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The future aspects of designer babies are as follows.

  1. Space Exploration
  2. Superhuman (Biological Weapon) (Super-Serum)
  3. Human Aging
  4. Supermind
  5. Perfect Baby (Absolute Perfection)
  6. Human-Animal-Hybrid

Space Exploration

To explore space at light years level, it would take many years to reach there. 

For example, distant space tours for the Andromeda galaxy or a new planet. 

We might not live upto that much time.

Yeah! But our next generation could go there, although it is not a handy solution. 

So, what will happen if I say there is a way we could go there before our death. 

Using Gene modification techniques to alter genes could make humans live smoothly with less oxygen.

We could even borrow the hibernation characteristics from Bear in our genes.

So, the plan is to sleep in a hibernation chamber and when we reach our destination then, we will wake up.

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Benefits of Designer Baby in Space Exploration 

  • It would help to face less problems when we are going to distant space exploration.
  • From the food resources to the oxygen will be saved in space exploration if we use Designer Baby Technology.
  • Even humans will not have to stay awake for that much time of space exploration.


In 2018, A Chinese Scientist successfully created the world’s first designer babies.

Until recently, designer babies were only the sci-fi concept shown in Movies and TV Shows.

When those designer babies were born, there was scientific outcry in the whole world.

People were amazed by knowing that the designer baby from sci-fi concept has turned into reality. 

This technology raises ethical questions on designer babies: 

  • Who will have access to it? 
  • Will it end humanity as it’s playing with nature?

In 1996, Dolly was born as the world’s first cloned animal. 

Even though cloning just copies a genome without modifying genes, it was pretty hard.

Dolly was the only one successful out of 277 failed cloning attempts.

Now, to do genetic modifications we will need how many tons of embryos.

And to screen them and to find the perfect one will be more awful!

So, these awful processes tell us how costly Designer Baby Technology will be!

The Development Progress of Genomics is increasing faster than you might think.

One day with this rapid progress, your next generation will wake up in a very different world.

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