Terraforming Mars Strategy: How To Make Mars Habitable?

Terraforming Mars Strategy

We the human beings always want to be extraplanetary species so that our existence of life would be flourished and risk of vanishing of our species would decrease. We had imagined going to space and at present by implementing strategies, we had already shaped our dream into reality.

We have reached space to the Moon, our rovers like Opportunity and Curiosity have reached and studied the Mars surface and even sent out Voyagers to find Aliens and to study deep about the universe so that we could find answers to most curious Questions that we want to know. e.g.

  1. Who made us?
  2. From Where we came?
  3. Is there God or not? If there is God then, from where did God come?
  4. Which came first in the world Hen or Egg?
  5. Are there Aliens in the Universe?

To decrease vanishable risk of human species and to flourish life as an extraplanetary species, We have to step award our foot to planets like Mars. So before doing this, we will need many prerequisites.  

Can We Make Mars Habitable?

Research shows that we can make Mars habitable by having the following strategy. They are :-

  1. Making Dome on Mars
  2. Nuking Mars( Nuclear bombs and missiles)   ( Directing or Smashing a Giant Ammonia-Heavy Asteroid toward Mars )
  3. Giant Orbital pole Mirrors
  4. Genetically-Engineered Microbes
  5. GreenHouse Effect(Autocatalytic Effect) on Mars  –   Releasing Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere
  6. Artificial Mars Gravity

Making Dome on Mars

Researchers say that” We can make Mars habitable by making dome-like structures in the regions of Mars and being underground under the Mars Surface ”.

A Dome is simply a rounded vault generally having a hemispherical shape with its circular base on the ground. This dome-like structure on Mars will give us the essential environment and the atmospheric pressure to live inside it.

where we will plant trees on the surface of ground by using modern technology equipment which will provide us with oxygen. As astronauts have already successfully grown potatoes on Moon’s soil.  

Solution for Making Dome on Mars

To make this dome, We can use a Present-day Technology chemical named Silica Aerogel for the covering of the dome and for the purpose of the shield to protect from harmful radiations and from solar flare. Silica Aerogel could warm Mars in a similar way like the GreenHouse Effect could do. 

Silica Aerogel was first made by Samuel Stephens Kistler in the 1930s. There is a popular story of the invention of Silica Aerogel where Samuel and Charles had a bet that Who can replace the liquids in the jellies with gas without having any shrinkage. Samuel prepared it first by extracting the liquid component of the jellies through supercritical or freeze drying.  

According to the Aerogel Organization, Silica Aerogel with high-purity transmits 95% of the light so it looks highly transparent which is obviously more than of Glass. Over 96% of its total volume, it contains air only. It possesses unique characteristics of having low-density, insulation, low optical refractive index, low speed or passing of Sound, high surface area and low di-electric consonant, and slightly blue color, etc. 

Nasa says Aerogel is so powerful and strong enough to stop bullet firing gradually decreasing its speed to stop without any damage and without letting change of its shape and chemical composition. 

7 interesting facts about Silica Aerogel are :-

  1. Silica Aerogel is 99.8% air.
  2. It is 1,000 times less dense than glass.
  3. It is a very good insulator which will protect us from extreme heat in space missions.
  4. You can find Silica Aerogel in Space as it was used on the Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover
  5. It will be used by Nasa on the Stardust mission to catch a piece of comet.
  6. It is now used to insulate the batteries of Mars Exploration Rovers like Opportunity and Curiosity.
  7. It seems to be blue in color because the nanoparticles which compose it scatter blue light more than any other light. ( e.g. Our Sky is Blue.)

GreenHouse Effect on Mars

Mars Is a gigantic planet which is 53% in diameter and consists 38% of the surface area of the Earth. The key is not to take GreenHouse gases from Earth to Mars because it costs too much.

We can do this by taking the advantage of Mars’ own topography, geology and nature. Beneath the surface of Mars, carbon dioxide is present in huge amounts.

If you heat up the planet a little bit that would release carbon dioxide and initiate the GreenHouse effect which will melt more ice present on the poles and let more carbon dioxide come out. So In another words you have an autocatalytic effect, you just have to kickstart it. As more carbon dioxide makes and traps more heat which will make planet heat. 

So The Question comes: How to Kickstart autocatalytic effect?

A number of mechanisms have been proposed to kickstart this process. Some are :- 

  1. Hydrogen Bombs
  2. Nuclear Power Plant 

They will set up the chain reaction and gradually make the planet become good which could be sustained and habitable for human life in the future. 

This is the most cheapest and reliable way to terraform Mars rather than Hauling Pumps.

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