How [Quantum Computer] works?

Quantum Computer

Quantum computers are the Computers that use quantum state properties to do computation on the principle of superposition. 

At Endicott house, this topic was explored in more detail and the plenary speaker was none other than Richard Feynman. Feynman proposed in that conference if you want to simulate nature, We should build a Quantum Computer.

Do Quantum Computers exist

At present, Well-known Companies like Google, IBM and Microsoft are in a race for creating Quantum computers. Google published the article demonstrating that for the first time quantum supremacy has been successfully created by the help of a chip having 53 superconducting qubits.

If You want to ask questions to real quantum computer, Click:

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Qubits and Superposition

Now what is the fundamental idea  just like we have bits  in the classical world that can be 0 or 1. In a quantum computer you have Qubits which stands for  Quantum bits. They are the units of Quantum Information.

What is a qubit made of ?

Qubits are often made from sub-atomic particles like:

  1. Photon
  2. Coherent State of Light
  3. Electrons
  4. Nucleus
  5. Optical Lattices
  6.  Josephson Junction
  7. Singularly Charged Quantum Dot Pair
  8. Quantum Dot

A bit can have  one of the two States 0 or 1.  A bit can be represented  by a transistor switch set to “off” or “on” or abstractly by an arrow  pointing up and down.

A Qubit, quantum version of bit has many possible states. the state can be represented by an arrow pointing to a location on a sphere. The north pole is  equivalent to 1, the south pole to 0. The other locations are Quantum superpositions 0 and 1.

A qubit might seem to contain an infinite amount of information because its coordinates can  encode an infinite sequence of digits. But the information in a qubit must be extracted by a measurement. When the qubit is measured, quantum mechanics requires that the result is always an ordinary bit – 0 or 1. The probability of each outcome depends on the qubit’s “latitude”.

The  difference is that there can be a  0, 1 or both at the same time that exploits a principle of quantum physics called Superposition. All the probability of a quantum state at the same time unless it is measured is known as Superposition.

Uses of Quantum Computers

  1. Natural World Simulation
  2. Security purpose

Quantum Computer Price

Discover Magazine reports that You can purchase a quantum computer for less than $5000 that fits on a desk which was a startup of SpinQ located at Shenzhen, China.


We came to the conclusion that Normal computers work on bits 0 and 1 but Quantum computers work on superpositions of 0 and 1. So, quantum computers will be super-fast…

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