[is it possible?] Travelling Faster than Speed of Light

Warp Drive

Once a time, to call from one place to another place was only miracle and nightmare but at present, we easily can call from anywhere to any corner of the earth at the speed of light.

Nothing is impossible due to our power of shaping and turning imagination to the reality.

We as the human species always have been curious to know the thing which we don’t know or which fascinates us.

Curiosity made us to: step foot on the soil of Moon, sending Rovers to the Mars, travelling with voyager to find Answer of Question :

  • Are We Alone?
  • Are there Aliens?
  • From Where We came?
  • Who made us?
  • How big is our Universe?

You might have asked yourself is it possible to travel faster than speed of light?, if then How?, Will We break law of Physics?

How to go faster than the speed of light

Although, we cannot go faster than the speed of light by breaking its law, but we can go faster than the speed of light theoretically by bending the rule of law of speed of light. These following are the theoretical ways through which we can travel faster than the speed of light:

  1. Alcubierre Warp Drive
  2. Hyperspace or Wormhole
  3. Teleportation or Quantum Entanglement

1. Alcubierre Warp Drive

Alcubierre Warp Drive

Warp Drive Technology is a science-fiction technology which stills stationery in a circular bubble and travels more than speed of light through the process of compressing and expanding.

Actually it doesn’t travel itself but expands backward spacetime and compresses the front spacetime which makes travelling possible more than speed of light.

Spacecraft are shielded from bubbles made of energy fields like the magnetic field of Earth which protect us from solar flares and radiation.

It is similar to surfing on the surface of sea water through a surfboard which gets accelerated by the help of water waves.

Surfing on Water Waves

Suppose, We want to go to “Proxima Centauri” which is the nearest star to the earth. It is 4.243 light years away from Earth.

Due to the expanding Universe, Proxima Centauri is going away from the sun at the rate of 17.3 km/s.

If Voyager 1 of speed 17 km/s is set to travel to the Proxima Centauri, it would take 73,000 years to arrive there.

It would still take 4.243 years to arrive there even if we travel by the speed of light which is not possible due to famous statement of Albert Einstein in Special Relativity that “Nothing can travel faster than speed of light.”

So, Let’s try some other cool sci-fi ideas and theories which can make travelling faster than the speed of light.

What’s the problem 

According to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, You can’t travel through space faster than the speed of light because the speed of light is the cosmic speed limit.

To travel faster than light Mass of a body should be 0 because E=MC^2 where E is the energy, M is the mass of an object and C is the speed of light.


In 1915, general relativity revealed that the fabric of space and time is mutable and dynamic.

So, in fact it can be warped and our Warp theory will be possible.

2. Hyperspace or Wormhole

Hyperspace Wormhole

A wormhole is also called the universe traveling option because it opens the secret door which is also called a shortcut way to any place.

But hyperspace is a manual process of bending the flat sheet of the universe  to bring one end to the other close to each other. This close distance is a shortcut also called as wormholes. 

but the problem is that through a wormhole, only the size of objects of photons or smaller than it could only pass through it.

Interstellar Startrek Ship

In movies like Interstellar or Startrek, the hyperspace and wormhole theory has been represented very clearly. In these movies, the leading role actor also travels to another very far place by passing  through the wormhole and also near the blackhole where the time is very slow and they don’t age in the spaceship but for the people on the earth, the time goes very fast. so, they age very fast.

Albert Einstein

According to the general theory of relativity of Albert Einstein, this theory supports the idea that wormhole/hyperspace could be possible. However this is possible only theoretically if you take the universe as a flat sheet gets bent and creates a shortcut way to the long distances. This however doesn’t break the law of speed of light that no anything could travel faster than the speed of light.

In the case of a wormhole, no anything travels faster than the speed of light, rather the flat sheet of space gets distorted and the spacecraft will travel at the normal speed but also will travel very fast due to the shortcut. So, we can expect that this traveling one day might be true because this wormhole/hyperspace theory supports the laws of physics and even its possible theoretically.

when we think it as the thing that we need to make something to make travel faster than speed of light so we could take a spacecraft and turn the space bending mode and after bending of space, we will have to move through that shortcut way and yes, it will also take time but it will take less than the long way distance would take. This is nice so we could make it to travel to the future and even unlock the secret of the mysteries of the universe.

3. Teleportation or Quantum Entanglement

In teleportation of a body, you have to break down its body atoms and send the information to the destination place. Now, you have to combine those breaked information and the body will be there. That’s how teleportation works.

Quantum Computer

In Quantum entanglement, scientists can now transfer quantum information from one computer to another by using the power of quantum mechanics through the quantum computer. Google successfully made an experimental quantum computer that has the power of doing work in seconds that even supercomputers might require many years.

What is faster than the speed of light

According to the law of speed of light, no mass greater than photon mass could travel faster than the speed of light.

Julian Heeck did research on the fundamental particle called neutrinos and made a principle, “when a photon decayes, they produce two light neutrinos”. As these neutrinos are smaller than the proton,  there’s a possibility that they travel faster than the speed of light.

What happens if you go faster than the speed of light

If you somehow managed to go faster than the speed of light, well then, the time would become very slow and when you see the lights, they would look like a long line of light.

Why can’t we travel faster than the speed of light

We will have to break the law of physics if you want to travel faster than the speed of light. The reason is we have more mass than photons and according to the law of speed of light, mass having photon mass can only travel at the speed of light. That’s the reason why we can’t travel faster than the speed of light. 

How much faster is the speed of light than the speed of sound

The speed of light in the air is 300,000,000 meter per second whereas the speed of sound in the air is 343 meter per second, which is nearly 874635.5 times the speed of sound. Their difference speed is 299999657 meters per second.

When there is a thunderstorm during rainfall, you may have noticed light comes fast but the sound comes after sometime. That’s all because the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound in air.

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