How will Human Hibernation make Space Travel Possible?

Human Hibernation

Human Hibernation looks like Sci-fi and the future of technology to solve the problem of sending humans to Mars and other Planets may be in the future.

Putting humans in a hibernation state to make interplanetary journeys has been a staple of science-fiction films like “Passengers”, “Aliens”, “Prometheus”.

But some experts think it might one day become a reality and even a solution to get people to Mars.

What You think, would it be a reality someday in the future?

Why Hibernation?

In the future 5 billion years later, there will come a time when we have to leave our Solar System because our Sun will become a red giant and our Earth will spiral into the dead sun as our solar system will become dark forever.  

So, we must prepare for space exploration from now on because in front of our universe, we look even smaller than ants. 

If we do not try to protect our existence from now then our species will be extinct and end. 


Solution comes : We should flourish our consciousness throughout the universe on a new habitable planet.

In our universe, there are 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies. It means there would be many stars and planets in them.

Astronomers have found many extrasolar planets which possibly could have life and may be habitable for humans. One day in the future, it could become our new home.

Space exploration was started at the time when humans stepped foot on the moon. 

Next Target

From that moment, we have conducted many space exploration missions. In which our next target is Mars. Probably, we will make our colonies on Mars soon. 

Becoming a multi-planetary species to settle down on planets like Mars seems to be very interesting and risky. 

Now the problem is that Distances are very long in space. We have to travel too much.


For example : Our nearest solar system is 4 light years away which means light whose speed is highest in the universe. Even if we travel at this speed then it will also take 4 years.

Think if we have to travel 100 light years away then it will take 100 years. This means distances are very long in space.

Long Space Journey

Even if we achieve making Light-Speed Travelling Spacecraft then there will be another problems :

  1.  Human’s Age &
  2.  Life Span

Suppose, we travel 120 light years and as you know an average human life is 100 years. Then, we will not survive before reaching our destination. However, we can give birth to offspring and they will reach there instead of us. But this is not a definite solution.

There are two solutions for long space journey:

  1. Gene Modification: Increase Human Life Span from 100 to 500 years.
  2. Hibernation: Keep Human body in a state called Hibernation where our body will not experience that time is passing but time passes continuously and there will be no change in our body just like we do off/on of body.

What is Hibernation?

Hibernation is the process where animals (like bears) slow down their metabolic activities to conserve their energy in the winter days without eating much.

It is a sleep-like state where the animals have to do nothing and just have to be in deep-sleep like a coma.

The main purpose of hibernation is to survive throughout the winter and reduce the need for food during the winter when food is scarce.

Organisms like Bears, Bees, Butterflies, Frogs, Hedgehogs, Anteaters and some species of Marsupials have true potential and are capable of hibernation.

The organisms who are capable of hibernation are known as Hibernators.

Process of Hibernation

When an animal goes under hibernation process, body temperature drops, heartbeat and breathing gets very slow in order to conserve as much energy as it could. It lasts for several months during the winter.

Mostly the bear’s hibernation is noticed due to recycling of their urine and proteins instead of wasting it. 

Normally most of the animals burn carbohydrates for the required energy consumption but when they go into hibernation then they burn fat instead of Carbohydrates.

Hibernation in Human

Having the humans to hibernate would be very beneficial for humanity.

Even when You are sleeping, You are saving upto 6% energy by the metabolic suppression but it’s a tiny part of energy saving in comparison to energy saving of hibernation.

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