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HP 17z laptop | Ultimate Details

HP 17z Laptop

If you’re searching for larger display laptops in 17 inches, This laptop is the best option for you. Why are you interested in a larger display, for better work and watching from far, gaming, and video editing, it is also best for a home laptop to a learning family in the medium price range.

Right now You may find upgraded…

The Upgraded Name is : HP 17z- cp000 laptop ( 17.3 Inches)

Actually, The HP 17z Laptops Price is medium: Mid-range of laptop with a big display.

HP 17z has display 17.3 inches

Increase your productivity with a larger-screen laptop, If you’re a video editor, graphic designer, photo editor, animator, or document writer then this laptop is very easy to use.

Get Rid of multiple devices, Around a 17″ laptop look like a small TV screen it also you can use as a monitor and Achieve maximum resolution for more clarity, and more pixels views.

Immerse yourself in media, and entrainment and it delivers edge-to-edge content. Get ahead of the curve, If you’re a previous PC user and have widescreen experience then don’t use a small screen than 14′, this HP laptop HP17z is good for you.

Extra landscape widescreen laptops are most comfortable for work, jobs, online creative content, Data entry, full-time gamer, home, and Office purposes to buy.

HP 17z has 8 GB RAM

In Futures to need an all laptop for running an app fats basic need to 8GB RAM, for browsing without hanging to upload and download.

Right now comes in every laptop with more than 4GB RAM, if have budgets always buy more than or equal to 8 GB, it helps to fast finish work, video editing, programming, photoshop, and more.

HP 17z RAM size Good, you should not need it in the future for an upgrade this laptop to support browsers, windows, apps, and extensions install more. For example, the Filmora app does not support less than 4GB ram laptops.

HP 17z has 256 GB SSD

Now, very popular with 256 SSD, it helps to make no sound, when opening more files at once you get faster than traditional hard drives.

Right now a lot of cloud storage services give free storage online ( google drive, dropbox, Nord locker, and more) so you may not need 1 TB of space in your laptops.

In the 17z inserted 2 RAM ( 128 SSD + 128 SSD) which faster than HHD ( Standard hard disk), if you using a google drive or documents then no need for more storage in your laptop, so an SSD laptop is best than 1000 GB hard Disk.

HP 17z has (2.4 to up 3.4 GHz)

In a laptop, the processor is more important for high speed it depends on how many you want to quickly open and close to complete more tasks getting done faster with clock speed. Getting a laptop high speed is not the only main reason GHz, a lot of featutes to connect with them. A good Processor speed to get is between 2.8 to 4.2 GHz, but HP 17z laptops have 3.6GHz, which is a good feature for gaming.

HP 17z has a 6 MB cache

If you want to better perform your laptop processor, and reduce the amount of CPU high, it has need to minimum 6MB cache memory card. This space is held data from the drive in your device to open a fast browser, when you clear the cache it may be after some slow open a particular website. The browsers also store the cache files so your laptop does not more effects, Hp17z-cp-000 has 6 MB which is good.

HP 17z has 4 Core

The core is part of the chip ( i5, i7, and more) which means the Quad core, to called the brain of the CPU, for example, 4 cores ( 4 independent units), the main function to help to fast a processor in a laptop, it comes with i5 6 core or i7 4 core, why it is needed? it is beneficial for a gaming laptop to boost CPU work. If you’ve more cores you may dramatically improve CPU speed. The Hp 17z cp-000 has more than 4 cores which are enough for gaming and high-level working, whatever to buy a 6-core.

HP 17z has Windows 10 operating system

This laptop is coming with the windows 10 operating system (OS), but you can update with windows 11, after updating very smooth display-looking eyes are comfortable to work continues 8 hours, and you do not feel any regrets, thanks to Microsoft for giving the features free. For the HP 17z-cp000 and ca 100 windows 10 home, you change in 11 from the official website download.

HP 17z has AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

The HP 17 laptop is designed thoughtfully with AMD concept to use (Vega 8 graphics) that help to a new level of speed. On the planet AMD Ryzen is the number-first company to make a processor chip of the best quality, this laptop uses Radeon graphics best for games, streaming, or high-resolution performance. The HP 17z speed we get higher because in it uses a high-FPS designed chip vega 8 graphics, which provides next-level visuals.

HP 17z has DDR4-2400 SDRAM

One of the most features of DDR4 ( Dynamic Random Access Memory), which features to provide a larger span of clock speed and timing, to work well in less voltage to reduce power consumption. Now SSd and DDR4 come with together in one laptop for RAM.

HP 17z has SVA WLED-backlit Touchscreen

The keyboard has underneath backlight well features for visibility in low light but it not open always to consume more battery. It comes in RGB, wireless, or Illuminated. A Backlit Keyboard enables Key is FN or F7.

HP 17z has DVD-Writer

It is one type of Disc to use for a read and write or copy of the text, video, and content to fast. It mostly use for a Copy/ paste or click to read fast.

HP 17z has TrueVision HD Camera

The True Vision is branded for using a camera, The 1080 HD quality installed in this laptop supplies high-pixels visual pictures, video, and a webcam. The Hp17zcp-000 has the best 3 features ( pan, Zoom, and Tilt) optimal for knowing in the larger display by zooming.

HP 17z has Digital Microphone

For recording a video on the laptop the audio quality needs to be digital, video calling with friends you hear the best quality sounds when using to digital USB microphone. Thankfully this Hp Brands uses a pro-level audio USB to record an amazing Voice.

HP 17z has Bluetooth

Connect your mobile with DJ, to dance at home, Even you can connect with a printer, keyboard, and another device.

HP 17z cp000 has long life battery

The main Cons is battery hour we, use a lot of laptops but the battery is hanging things for laptop devices, in all types of brands have a battery to loose after some months, but we experiment on one laptop to keep always more than 50% above change, we get massive result on battery life.
In the Hp17z cp 000 has “3 cell 41 WH Li-ion battery” which continues in the start of 8 hour, if you’re a student, job, and for an office not required to recharge, but we recommended to always above 50% for battery life.

QNA. on HP 17z laptops

What is 17z Laptops?

Mostly search for 17 inches laptops, under HP, the laptops HP 17z-cp000 is 17.3″ which deliver to wide display.

The 17z laptop is good for Gaming?

Screen size for yes! and battery life but need over 8GB Ram and minimum 256 SSD.

The HP 17z Cp000 is best for video editing?

Yes! it has fast wifi-technology and load storage ( 8GB and 256SSd) so it performs well.

The HP 17z Cp000 is best for woocommerce?

Do digital marketing and blogger and woocommerce people have a lot of use to images to editing and download, upload and more so recommend more than 8GB ram, and for a long hour to work minimum 15.6″ laptops.

Is hp 17z-cp000 best for beginners?

If you’re a student no has more budget and wants to work from home also, the Hp 15z is best for out of home, You can the same brand HP Envy 13 if you are only for home then love this model.

Our Point: 9/10 Marks for this laptop overall.

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