Lost Chapter of 2000 Year Old Bible Revealed A SHOCKING Mystery

2000 Year Old Bible Revealed Lost Chapter With SHOCKING Knowledge About Human Race

The book of Enoch, which has been described as “forbidden from the Bible” for revealing profound truths about the mysteries of creation, is one of the few historical works that piques as much curiosity.

The book is full of sensual fallen angels, violent giants, strange cosmology, and revelations that change the world.

The Old Testament book of enoch is an apocryphal account of events that took place one hundred years prior to Jesus’ birth and ministry.

The majority of Christian denominations do not believe that this book was inspired by God.

The original manuscript vanished at the end of the fourth century; In 1773, it was discovered in Ethiopia’s abyssinia.

The book of Enoch is included in the scriptures of only the Ethiopian Christian sect.

Today, we demonstrate the shocking revelations from the book of Enoch that the Bible forbade.

Who is enoch, exactly?

According to the Bible, Enoch was Adam’s great-grandson and Noah’s great-grandfather. He lived a holy and devoted life to the Lord.

Additionally, he becomes Methuselah’s father, the person who lived the longest.

During his more than three centuries on earth, he has produced numerous children.

Only enoch and elijah, two biblical characters, appear to be carried directly to heaven without dying.

After 365 years on Earth, God “takes him away” (Genesis 5:24).

The word “take” seems to mean “carried away” or “snatched up.”

“Maybe in the same manner that God removed Elijah, the prophet.

He lived his life with faith, and that made all the difference.

He had faith in and obedience to God no matter what.

Enoch was spared death because God loved him so much.

Enoch is at the center of many Jewish and Christian traditions.

He was also known as the scribe of judgment, and it was believed that he wrote the book of Enoch.

The gospel of Luke, the letter to the Hebrews, and the letter to Judah all reference Enoch, with the latter quoting from the former.

He is regarded as a saint in the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Oriental Orthodoxy.

One of God’s judgments on humanity was delivered in the sermon of Enoch, a well-known preacher.

His work served as a model for Noah’s as a righteous preacher and builder of the ark.

It was amazing for a man to stand up and judge his neighbors given the level of immorality and idolatry in the world.

We must turn to the apocryphal books that enoch wrote to learn much more about the mythical figure’s background and supernatural experiences.

The Dead Sea Scrolls show that near the ancient settlement of Qumran, which is on the northwest coast of the Dead Sea and is now known as the West Bank, some Bedouin boys were tending to their goats and sheep at the end of 1946 or the beginning of 1947.

When one of the young shepherds threw a rock into a cliff opening, he heard a crashing sound, which surprised him.

He and his companions went into the cave later, where they found seven large clay jars with leather and papyrus scrolls inside.

A dealer in antiquities bought the scrolls, which ended up in the hands of several scholars who thought the texts were more than 2000 years old.

The discovery was made known to Bedouin archaeologists and treasure hunters.

In ten adjacent caverns, tens of thousands of additional scroll fragments were discovered.

Between 800 and 900 texts are the total.

It was the book of Enoch, made up of five books: with a total of 100 chapters, the book of watchers, the book of parables, the astronomical book, the dream visions, and the epistles of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch is a collection of numerous monumental works.

The major themes of rewards, punishment, the end of the world, and the final judgment are introduced to Enoch by them.

The first book is mostly about angels, the tree of life, Jerusalem, and the universe. It has 36 chapters.

The watcher’s book tells the story of fallen angels from Genesis 6:1-4 who taught humanity sophisticated knowledge, seduced women, and created the nephilim before the great flood destroyed them.

The fallen ones are referred to as “nephilim,” and their size is comparable to that of a giant.

There are numerous interpretations of the connection that exists between the nephilim and god’s sons.

Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels, according to some, and the sons of God are their offspring.

This point of view, which can still be found in non-canonical Jewish sources like the first book of Enoch, is still widely accepted.

The nephilim are also referred to as giants in the first book of Enoch, which seems appropriate for beings of great size.

While some have argued that it is theologically problematic to suggest that angels or demons could physically breed with humans, the nephilim’s apparent gigantism is thought to be due to their supernatural origin.

According to a non-supernatural interpretation, the nephilim were merely men who deviated from holiness.

The nephilim were members of Adam’s family who rejected God, according to some theologians, and the sons of God are the descendants of Seth, who was Adam’s righteous son.

This view, which is referred to as the scythian view, was supported by many Jewish theologians in addition to Saint Augustine and other church fathers.

The idea that the daughters of humanity were the ungodly women of Cain was frequently added to the scythian perspective; the bloodline of Adam’s wicked son.

Although the nephilim were unquestionably great fighters, their enormous stature—literally or metaphorically—can be understood in terms of the nephilim as ordinary mortals.

The second half of Enoch’s book is titled The Parables of Simplicity, and it is an apocalyptic novel about the son of man and the ancient of days.

The Bible and these ancient Jesus prophecies are in complete agreement, and they are strikingly similar to the book of revelation.

The stars and their roles are explained in detail in the astronomical book.

The dream visions are a prophecy that covers all of human history, from the beginning to the end and the final judgment.

Predictions for the future, present, and past are all made with great care.

The book of Daniel and the prophecy of weeks are similar in structure.

The final section sets an example for us to follow.

Enoch talks about the lessons he’s learned in life and the wisdom he’s gained, as well as the fact that we’re all under god’s control.

Last but not least, the unknown account of Noah from the Bible is the final piece of the “Noah Pieces.” In this account, we learn more about Noah’s intention to preserve humanity as a whole and the sufferings of his father Lamech and grandfather Methuselah.

Despite their individuality, each composition shares a common theme: the blessing of the good and the punishment of the bad.

Mysteries of the Book of Enoch Numerous references in the Book of Enoch conflict with the Bible.

Noah is mentioned in verses 1 through 3 of Enoch chapter 10, despite the fact that the Bible teaches that enoch was taken to heaven years before the birth of Noah.

The text says that the most holy and great one then talked to lamech’s son in front of uriel.

Lamech urged, “In my name, go to Noah and tell him about the flood, and tell him about the time when the whole earth will collapse!”

Everything on Earth will be destroyed when a deluge is scheduled to strike.

“The Bible never says that Enoch came back to earth after being taken to heaven; therefore, if he wrote the book of Enoch, how could he have known about Noah and the flood?

According to verses 8 to 9 of the Book of Enoch, God attributes all of the defilement of the earth to a demon named Azazel. He says that the actions that Azazel taught him to take have polluted the entire planet.

The Bible does not mention any other demons besides Lucifer, who is commonly referred to as satan or the devil.

This does not imply that there are not additional demons; They are just never found, and since he is the one who created sin, satan is ultimately held accountable for the problems in our world.

Jesus stated in verse 8 of John chapter 3 that “he that committeth sin is of the devil: Since the beginning, the devil has sinned.

The manifestation of the God-son was made with the intention of destroying the devil’s works for this purpose.

Additionally, lines 5–6 of Book of Enoch Chapter 13 suggest that the fallen angels sincerely apologized for their sins.

Contrary to popular belief, Satan and his angels will die in fire in hell, according to the Bible.

Matthew 25:41 says, “then he will say to those on his left, ‘depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.'”

Because everyone who repents of their crimes is promised an escape from hellfire, the fact that the devil and his angels were sentenced to hell demonstrates their reluctance to repent.

The Lord is patient with us and is unable to allow anyone else to perish, but everyone should feel remorse. Some people believe that the Lord is slack in keeping his promises.

The book not only says that demons apologise, but it also says that after their first rebellion, demons were unable to communicate with God, declaring that they could neither see heaven nor talk to God.

On the other hand, in the first chapter of Job, satan was able to talk directly to God in heaven about the job and his fidelity.

Enoch’s book also depicts heaven in a different way, depicting god in heaven in a way that is not in the Bible.

In verse 21 of revelation, it is stated that the ground of the city of heaven is made of gold.

Because it was made of transparent glass, the city’s street was said to be pure gold.

His structure was made of crystal, as stated in verse 10 of chapter 14 of the book of Enoch.

This is just one of many inconsistencies between how the Bible depicts heaven and the Book of Enoch.

Chapters 14 verses 9 to 25 of the Book of Enoch contain many more.

Numerous astronomical and meteorological contradictions in the Book of Enoch conflict not only with the Bible but also with current scientific findings.

For instance, verses 1 to 4 of the Book of Enoch indicate that Enoch mapped and numbered all of the sky’s stars.

However, according to verse 22 of Jeremiah 33, it is physically impossible to count the stars because of their vast number.

In addition to millions upon millions of additional galaxies, astronomers are of the opinion that the milky way alone contains approximately 100 million stars.

In addition, the wind, snow, hail, and moon all come from a wooden container in heaven in chapter 41 of Enoch; This is unbiblical, illogical, and absurd!

At this point, you may be beginning to understand why the book of Enoch was not included in the Bible.

It has been said that the book of Enoch is both inspiring and touching.

It serves as a model for everything that has occurred in the past, present, and future—from genesis all the way through Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, and the secret day of judgment.

The most important question is why the volume of Enoch does not include the entirety of the Bible in one volume.

While the book is intriguing to read, it is essential to keep in mind that it is not scripture.

That is, the book was not inspired by God!

In the apocryphal book of Baruch, the text was mentioned in numerous early church manuscripts.

It consistently goes against the Bible.

Pseudepigrapha are types of literature like the Book of Enoch.

This suggests that the author is not who he claims to be, which makes sense given that the Bible says that enoch was taken to heaven before Noah and that the book of Enoch contains references to Noah.

As a result, it is much more likely that the book of Enoch was later written by a different person who falsely claimed to be its first author.

Therefore, Christians who want to learn about the gospel’s teachings will find little use in the book of Enoch.

However, Jude may have cited it because it was well-known at the time, and the portion he cited contained encouraging information that bolstered his case for the gospel.

The ethiopic book of enoch pseudodepigraphal work is the original book of enoch.

Since the book of Enoch was written after Christ, someone was trying to find out what Enoch said about his philosophy and teachings. Because oral history isn’t reliable, it doesn’t include Methuselah.

The book of Enoch is thought to have been lost among the Bible’s other books.

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