Persuasion Basics —learn how to say NO


The game of persuasion starts with the wanting for winning of getting anything from someone, being successful. There are some rules according to the Robert Cialdini. We will see here how we can use these laws for marketing success and also in winning relationships & friends. I am gonna share my personal experience of how I used these laws.

  1. Reciprocation: The Old Give and Take…and Take
  2. Commitment and Consistency: Hobgoblins of the Mind
  3. Social Proof: Truths are Us
  4. Liking: The Friendly Thief
  5. Authority: Directed Deference
  6. Scarcity: The Rule of the Few


With this law, when you offer someone the favor, they tend to give something. According to the book, “The rules says we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us.”


its because they don’t to keep the debt with them. so they want to return that and wanna become free from the emotional debt.

now, lets see the example of how our ancients used this reciprocation law?

like even in the villages area, when salts empities in a household, then that person tends to go to the neighbor and ask for the salt and they promise for the returning of the salt. its also well known as the barter system where people used to exchange things for things, cause they was no concept of money back there.

reciprocation rule in the politics

reciprocation rule in friendship

when going out for the dinner nights with friends, you can say them that they will have to pay in the next time dinner and in nex time, make them pay more money and take a benefit.

in romantic relationships

“Most of us know what [our love language] is and we tend to express love in the way we want to receive it,” Sterling says. “But if giving gifts is your primary love language and your partner’s love language is quality time, your attempts at reciprocity will land flat.”

The five love languages, introduced by Gary Chapman’s bestselling book of the same name, are: receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time and physical touch.

in relationships, giving mutual understanding, one person will support emotionally and another will support financially.

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