7 Websites to Learn [Fast Typing] Like a Pro !

7 Websites to Learn Fast Typing Like a Pro

Do You Want to be a Pro in Typing ???

You will get respected if you show your fast typing to friends, family or employers.

So You want to know this, then you’ve come to the right place.

These 7 websites will help type Super-Fast like a Pro.

#1 NitroType.com

Nitrotype.com is a very cool gaming website if you want to play game and learn typing.

I recommend you to try NitroType once because you will feel lost, it is so good.

#2 TypeRush.com

TypeRush.com provides you two games that help you learn typing in a fun way by playing games.

These two games that you can play on TypeRush.com are:

  • Street Race (You get Cars on the Street)
  • Boat Race (You get Boats on the Water)

You can collect money, earn experience, collect vehicles and rule your league as an achievements by playing this game.

1. Collect Money

After you complete playing a game, you will get reward as money according to your performance like typing speed, accuracy and rank.

2. Earn Experience

Do you know, you can also upgrade your race car or boat by purchasing it through money. When you play so many times, you earn experience and this helps in getting money and thus have enough money for purchasing a new model car or boat.

3. Collect Vehicles

If you complete many races, then you can collect vehicles as much as you want. This is because you will get a lot of money on race completion and you can use it to upgrade your racing car or boat.

4. Rule Your League

You can show your typing skills to the world by being a fastest typing racer in the Top-500 list or being #1 typing racer in your country in the game.

#3 TypeRacer.com

Typeracer.com is also a gaming website like TypeRush.com but it has unique feature that you can race upto 200 friends.

You can improve your typing skills on your own by practising yourself and invite friends upto 200 in your own racetrack.

#4 KeyMash.io

KeyMash.io is an amazing website for practicing fast typing-taking your typing practice to another level- a multiplayer typing website-play with friends all over the world.

Features without signing

1. Quick Play

Even without having to sign up, you can have a quick play where you can join a match anywhere in the world instantly.

2. Custom

With this feature, you can enjoy playing this game with your friends and family.

3. Ranked

This feature helps you to push your limits by placing yourself against the competition happening around the world. This allows you to see how you match with players worldwide.

Features after signing

These are all the features of KeyMash that you can get the advantage of after signing in, you just have to create an account.

  • Participate in daily challenges
  • Save your high scores
  • Compete in tournaments
  • Show up in all leaderboards
  • Ability to personalize your profile
  • Exchange coins for in-game items

#5 10FastFingers.com

10fastfingers.com is an amazing website for testing and improving your typing speed.

Features You will get

1. Typing Test

You have the 1st option to start a normal typing test of 200 words or the 2nd option of an advanced typing test of 1000 words.

The good thing is that you can also create your own custom typing test where you can set the duration from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. And, you can also choose to make the upcoming test random or not.

2. Typing Competition

Joining different typing competitions all around the world is very easy at 10FastFingers. Also, you can create a public championship and do the battle against the whole world.

You can also create your own typing championship that will be lasting for 24 hours. In this championship, you can invite your friends and fight for victory.

After the completion of 24 hours, the typist with the best result will win the competition, this will also grant an achievement and is shown on your profile page.

#6 MonkeyType.com

Monkeytype.com is a go-to website for practicing fast typing with your friends online and taking a battle with them.

It also provides you with a very nice interface to practice typing and see the immediate results of your typing.

#7 TypingTest.com

TypingTest.com helps you to check your typing speed within a minute. The even cool thing is that it has 150+ million test takers.

What thing will you get in the TypingTest.com?

You will get Typing Games, Typing Tests, Coursea and Practising Tricky Keys.

1. Typing Games

This typing website also has typing games like:

  • TypeRush Race
  • Typing Attack
  • Poki
  • Key Tower
  • Guitar Type
  • Typing Ghosts
  • Mavis Typing (Tomb Adventure Game)
  • Typing Nitro 2
  • Key Bricks
  • SpaceType
  • HexType
  • Tokyo Girl

There are hundreds of games on TypingTest.com that you can play, have fun and practise typing. This gives you double benefit when you have to do time pass and you play typing games.

2. Typing Tests

It gives you many options for choosing time from 1 to 10 minutes and you can also select which type of text do you want from easy, medium and hard level.

Not only this, TypingTest.com also gives you these text options that you can select:

  • Benchmark (To complete this, you require only 2 minutes)
  • Certificate
  • Tricky Spelling
  • Blind Typing
  • Story Typing
  • Themed
  • Professional

3. Typing Course

It will provide you typing course as a trainer helping you learn typing.

Why should you take their typing courses?

Their course has 500+ typing exercise and they will help you achieve double speed typing, get habit of all fingers and provides you instant feedback for tracking your progress.

They have many typing lessons step-by-step for training you typing from beginner to advanced level.

4. Practising Tricky Keys

This is really helpful because this helps you to practice keys that you often type wrong. In order to improve this mistake, focusing on tricky keys gonna help you to boost your typing speed.

Bonus for You !


Ratatype.com is an amazing typing tutor and typing practice website.

These are the Features that you will get in the RataType:

1. Typing Tutor

This section will provide you the typing progress that you have made. Just like playing a game, you will have to pass levels, which is really fun.

It also provides you the typing certificate with your typing speed in WPM (Word Per Minute) and your accuracy percentage.

2. Typing Test

When you take a typing test, RataType will provide you typing certificate. You can show this to your parents, relatives or employers and make them happy. You can test what your typing speed is and if need, you can improve it too. By testing your typing speed, you get to know, how much progress you have done and fix the mistakes that stops you from typing at fast speed.

3. Learning how to Type

RataType gives you the knowledge about the following things that help you in learning typing:

  • Sitting Posture for Typing: RataType gives you tips about What should be your sitting posture for proper typing practice.
  • Home Row Position: This will teach you about the correct position to keep your 10 fingers on the keyboard.
  • Keyboard Scheme: When you start to learn typing lessons, RataType will guide you which to press by looking on the screen. This helps you to learn typing in fast way.
  • Fingers Motion: They give you tips about not to type by looking in the keyboard. Let the muscle memory do the learning work for you.
  • Typing Speed: If you make habit of pressing right keys and practice it enough, you will master typing and your typing speed will skyrocket.
  • Take Care of Yourself: We tend to make mistakes while taking the typing tests and get discourage to move on and practice more. This happens with everybody, so don’t be discouraged and do the only one thing: Type….Type….and…..Type.

4. Courses

It gives you the course in 5 various languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian and even Ukrainian).

The more cool thing is that Ratatype give you the flexibility to learn typing in 4 keyword layouts, they are:

  • QWERTY: It is the universal keyboard layout, so it is most popular in the world. According to the RataType, you can increase your typing speed upto 20% if you take their Free QWERTY Course.
  • DVORAK: This keyboard layout is more comfortable than the QWERTY because it has the most used letters in the home rows of the keywboard. Thus, it helps you give better health to your fingers and it become easy and fast to learn.
  • AZERTY: It is a representation of the QWERTY for the French Language. However, its for the French language, so many people use it to type in English.
  • QWERTZ: It is also the representation but for the German Language of the QUERTY Keyboard layouts.


SpeedTyper.dev is a typing competition website for speed typing website for programmers and developers.

You can practise letters often used in programming by joining a typing race or creating a custom game. You can also join to the discord to it.

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