What is Human Hibernation

Hibernation is a deep state of reduced metabolic activity to survive in adverse conditions.

For centuries, humans have wondered what it would be like to hibernate.

Will we acheive Hibernation to slow down our metabolism and heart rate?

Hibernating Animals

Some of the animals with hibernation power are: 1. Bear 2. Bat 3. Squirrel 4. Hedgehog 5. Bumblebee 6. Wood Frog

Bear is the animal with great power of hibernation and easy for researching.

How Hibernation Works

In this process, animals like bears slow down heart rate and breathing to survive the winter.

Many animals burn Carbohydrates for energy consumption.

Instead of Carbohydrates, they burn stored fat when they go under hibernation.

Future of Human Hibernation

Future benefits of Human Hibernation are: 1. Very Slow Aging 2. Long-Distance Space Travel 3. Protection from Radiation 4. Cryosleep Chamber Development 5. Treatment of Not Curing Disease in the Future

Acheiving this technology will enable humans to avoid death from aging.