How Elon’s Starlink will Connect the whole world


It is simply the project where Elon Musk plans to provide the internet services to the people all over the world even in any remote and rural places easily with just some set of instruments.

Elon Musk‘s plan is to provide the internet all over over the world by sending the satellites into the low orbit of Earth by his company Space x.

For example:- You are in an island, desert or Antartica especially the remote or rural places and locations where the internet access is not possible and

if you want the internet facility in those remote places then you can get by having Starlink service where it will provide you an antenna which work as receiver and an app through which you will get the services.

Starlink Constellation

Why Elon Musk created Starlink Project?

Hello friends todays in this world without internet we cannot even imagine our life.

We all by sleeping by waking by sitting, we all are connected to the Internet. When we are just cut for 1 hour we feel like that we are disconnected from the living world.

In present context to use the internet we need a basic infrastructure and Internet Service Provider(ISP).

If we are living out of town or the city area just like in rural area then there is no any basic infrastructures due to that we are not able to use the internet.

But how much good it will be if we can use the internet in distinct area far from the town or the city even in any island, deep forest, hot desert, in cold Antarctica and in more and more remote locations than the above places.

Friends this dream has fastly becoming a reality.

Space X company of Elon Musk is working on very special Projects called “Starlink”. The main objective of this mission is to provide the high speed internet in the world. And now

Starlink from Space

Will Starlink be the future of Internet, IF Then How?

  • As for having the internet, one must have the signals to be caught from the satellites which are in the orbital zone of the Earth in order to provide any services.
  • For that, foremost Elon Musk(CEO of SPACE X Company) has planned to send out and upto now he with his team have sent near about 40% of  the satellites in the Earth orbit for making the Satellite Internet constellation.
  •  Even Musk has tweeted in his tweet that Starlink will send as much satellites so that it could make a satellites constellation and provide its services in any remote places of Earth.

Starlink is still now providing services in some particular areas but for spreading all over the world and he has expected that it will have global coverage by the upcoming year“2021

  • so that the areas where there internet cannot reach by having starlink there Internet services would be given easily.

How can We use the internet easily by sitting in any corner of the world?

Friends to use the internet we need a basic infrastructure like mobile tower, broadband tower, Optical fiber and an Internet Service Provider(ISP) due to which the people who are living in the remote areas they are not able to use the internet

Even the People who are living in the town areas, they have to face the problems of Slow internet and expensive internet.

According to the survey 2018, it tells us that 50% of the world’s population is deprived from the internet .But slowly and slowly the number of internet users are increasing. Even it’s increasing but also it’s rate is too slow.

Conclusion 🙂

Well known Private spaceflight company SPACE X which is famous for it’s first reusable rockets and for huge starship rockets  in the world.

Spacex is sending their rockets into the low earth orbit where their plan is to send as much satellites so that it could make a constellation of satellites which could provide internet services to the people all over the world.


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