SemperCitius SDA Falcon 9 Tranche 0 mission to low-Earth orbit is Aim to change on the Eccomorical delivery process and Military Drone Track.

SemperCitius SDA Falcon 9 Tranche 0 mission to low-Earth orbit

SpaceX has a lot of tested continuing this year, 221 st lunches overall, with SemperCitius SDA Falcon 9 together in this month has 22nd linches which are day by day of thirds, it means elon musk team is continuously focused on doing something! This Lunch is commercial and for an upgrading military drone tracing system.

The Real Example of elon teamwork with SDA, fastly, on Tranches 0 Mission.

This Lunches at the morning on Thursday and Friday at database complex East at Vandenberg space base off the coast, California. The fisrt stage of that booster supported this mission without problem, and the second phase is also the same, after success, the worlds get huge of benefits on ecclesial and global militarily communication and warning for missile attacks, and Tracking capabilities on the war. It may benefit more on the Ukraine war for Nato.

After success, huge sales the technology in the worlds, like India-china, Agerbizan- Armenia, Turkey- Iran, Russia – Ukraine, and more.

For Eccorce technology, The Delivery in one day at any place with a drone exactly Track and the Products to send cheaply.

Secondly, According Elon’s team on Twitter says,

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