YouTube Music Officially Launched Podcast [Know Benefits]

Take Your Listening Game to the Next Level with YouTube Music’s Podcasts

It’s now possible to enjoy podcasts on YouTube Music in video form, even without a YouTube Premium subscription. You can say Thank You to Google for making Podcasts on YouTube Music Free. This podcast feature is available on Android, iOS, and the web. The platform has added a new “Podcasts” tab on the YouTube Music Home tab, which displays your preferred podcasts and recommended episodes.

However, creators who only offer audio podcasts are advised to upload a video with a static image or dynamic video formats like audiograms. Although podcasts are currently only available in the United States, Google has plans to make them accessible in other regions in the near future. The official announcement of Podcasts on Youtube Music has made us wonder what will come next.

My Personal Experience with Youtube Music

I love to listen to songs on Youtube Music, it gives a smooth experience and creation of your Mix which you listen to most of the time.

When I want to dance, I just play songs on it. When I am at work or study, I play flow music (like Lofi beats).

Youtube Music is really a lifesaver for me.

Why did youtube music add podcasts?

The competitor of Youtube Music, famously known as Spotify has already added podcasts for its listening users.

So, in order to compete with Spotify, Youtube Music also took the decision to launch a service of Podcast.

What will be the benefits to listeners?

If you are a listener, then you will get the benefit to enjoy listening to what you like. You can learn about new things, helping you in getting new sources of views, opinions, and ideas.

Because of podcasts, your brain and eyes get rest. When doing any work, you can actively listen to your favorite podcast on the go.

In podcasts, you get to listen to the opinions of famous people and experts in their fields. So, the podcast is a great source of high-quality learning.

What will be the benefit to creators?

If you’re a creator, the good thing for you is people stick longer in podcasts as compared to youtube videos. So, the bounce rate of podcasts is very low. The more you share your expertise openly, the more the audience trust will trust you. You can earn through Paid Sponsorships, and selling merchandise. Like Spotify and Apple Music pay for streaming podcasts, maybe in the future, Youtube Music may also bring Monthly memberships or ads on it.  

Did Youtube Music make a mistake or good decision?

In my opinion, Youtube Music has made a great decision because many users will get many benefits from this Podcast feature. Hopefully, this service also might help Youtube Music in competing with market players like Spotify and Apple Music.

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